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Beethoven’s Wig: Sing Along Symphonies

Review by: Yvonne Gaudet
When I received my copy of “Beethoven’s Wig” to review, I must admit that I was in no way interested in classical music and wondered just how the children would react to this CD. I was totally taken by surprise when I first played the music for the children and myself to hear! This is truly a great way to introduce classical music to children of all ages. The c.d. contains 22 songs, of which the first 11 are sing along songs and the remaining 11 are Orchestral Performances. The reason I like this CD is the fact that the words to the sing along songs introduce each piece while at the same time they teach the listener about the composers of the music. This CD is a different, new approach to classical music, introduced in a way that is enjoyable and yet educational at the same time. I found this CD to be resourceful and enjoyable. The children took to it at once and were dancing and singing along in no time at all! The orchestral performances, the last 11 songs were very relaxing and enjoyable as well. If I had never been given this recording, I can honestly say that I would not have listened to or played classical music in my home. I’m so thrilled that my children have the opportunity to hear this style of music, in a way that subtly teaches them about the composers, and their masterpieces. I believe this recording to be a valuable addition to any school’s music program.

     Beethoven’s Wig is also accompanied with a booklet containing the words to each song as well as activities to try while listening to the songs.

     I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to include this to our music library, and I’m sure all children will like dancing to these masterpieces! I recommend it for children of all ages and for people like myself who probably have no previous interest in classical music. It has changed my views on the world of classical music as I�m sure it will change your views as well! Great work on this CD!

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