Dramatic Play : Circus

Animal Training 
Added: 06-27-1998 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: Hula Hoop, stuffed animals, and an imagination.

Bring out hula hoops and let the kids train their animals to go through the hoops

Tight Rope Walker 
Added: 03-11-1999 
Submitted by: Cheryl S.

Place a rope on the floor. Show the kids how to walk on the “tight rope” heal toe heal toe one foot in front of the other. Show them how to use their arms to balance. Toddlers walk holding your hand, they do best to shuffle their feet. Take turns. Clap for them when they are done!

Added: 02-22-2007 
Original Author: Unknown

Give the children soft colorful beanbags, or lightweight soft plastic balls (like ball pit balls). Have them try to juggle and toss the balls or the bean bags..

Added: 02-22-2007 
Original Author: Unknown

Have the children pretend to be ponies. They can prance and gallop around a circle to slow and faster music.

Lions and Tigers 
Added: 02-22-2007 
Original Author: Unknown

The children can pretend to be lions and tigers. They can  jump through large hula hoops and roar like tigers. I suggest you do this is a soft area with lot of blankets or mats incase a child decides to throw themselves through the hoop.

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