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A Pocket for Corduroy
Written and illustrated by Don Freeman

Lisa and her mother take their laundry to a busy Laundromat.  As usual, Lisa brings along her cute teddy bear, Corduroy.  After instructing Corduroy to sit still and wait for her to return, the little bear watches Lisa empty her pockets.  Realizing he does not have a pocket of his own, Corduroy decides to look around for something to make a pocket.  The comical adventure begins!  Corduroy’s mishaps include climbing into a wet bag of laundry, dizzily watching his clothes dry, and diving into a box of Swan Flakes he mistakes for snow!  As it nears closing time, Lisa cannot find Corduroy and she reluctantly leaves without him.  The next morning, the two are reunited and Corduroy tells Lisa about his wish.  Lisa makes a special pocket for Corduroy with his name tucked inside.

     This heartwarming story takes place in an urban neighborhood and the characters represent different backgrounds.  Lisa and her mother are African-American and the manager of the Laundromat is Hispanic.  The bright colorful illustrations depict caring individuals who want to help Corduroy (the artist who finds Corduroy in the wet bag of laundry along with the manager who reunites Lisa and Corduroy.

     I recommend this book for children 3-8.  Depending on the age of the child, different themes can be discussed (being helpful, diversity, urban neighborhoods, etc…)  The reader will have a hard time not falling in love with this adorable and mischievous teddy bear!

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