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Snoozers, 7 Short Short Bedtime Stories for Lively Little Kids
By Sandra Boynton

Review by: Laura Wood

     Snoozers is a wonderful collection of fun and lively bedtime stories.  A warning: Proceed with caution!  Reading this at bedtime may cause excitability in children.  Interject your own sounds and your children’s imagination for a great reading experience.

     The first story is entitled, “Snoozers” and tells of all the usual and unusual places and ways the piggy, duck and doggy like to snooze.  In fact, they like to snooze all day.  Consequently, they never fall asleep at night!

     “I’m Not Tired” is next.  A cute story of a little bear who loves to find different ways to hide from his momma when its bedtime.  After each paragraph, the exclamation from the little bear is “I’m not tired.”  But, alas, finally, the little bear can hide no more and sleep does not evade him.  He falls asleep hiding under the rug and is snoring as his momma puts him gently to bed.

     “The Big Yawn” is a very very short story about a pteranodon and it’s big yawn.  Here is where your child’s imagination and your pronunciation come into play.  They’ll have fun guessing what a pteranodon is while you have fun trying to say it.  Good Luck!

     “Pajamas” is a rhythmic story about what kind of pajamas chickens, piggies, hippos, lions rabbits and moose like to wear.  One likes to wear pajamas with feet while another one wears pajamas with buttons.  This story compares how different people like to wear different things to bed at night.

     “Six Sleepy Sheep” is written as a tongue twister for the parents and a great counting story for the little ones.  Getting kids to answer the next number is a neat way of teaching them to begin to count from one to six.

     “Night Sounds” can be a noisy short story.  You get to hear the sounds (and make up new sounds) that a tiger, cheetah, crocodile and monkeys make while they are sleeping.  However, at the end, no one is sleeping because of the elephant’s loud SNORE!!!

     “Silly Lullaby” is the last of the collection.  The illustration of the papa bear sitting in the easy chair snoring while the baby bear is wide awake, is cute.  It seems that Papa Bear is much more tired than baby bear, according to the song he just sang about chickens in the bathtub, a closet full of sheep, sneakers in the freezer, and top it off with an owl whispering “Moo”.

     Recommended for children age 18 months and up.

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