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The Lonesome Pine
by Jane West 
Illustrated By Megan Lloyd

Review by: Mary Westbury

        The Lonesome Pine is a motivational story about a pine tree who thinks its only purpose in life is to become a Christmas tree.  We have all looked for the “perfect” Christmas tree year after year.  We have passed up the “too small”, “too tall”, “too fat”, “too thin” tree. Do you ever wonder what happens to the trees that we don’t pick for our “perfect” Christmas tree?  Take a moment and read this book…….. the pine tree goes on a little adventure in search of its special place in someone’s life.  When the pine tree finally finishes its adventure, we see that its purpose in life is much more meaningful than could ever be imagined.

     A special note must be added to draw attention to the shape of this particular book.  The shape alone caught my eye!  It’s different than any other……. the book is shaped like a triangle, like a pine tree.  There is also a narrative version of this special book on cassette and/or CD.  Children of all ages should add this book to their Christmas classics.

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