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Inside A House That Is Haunted
By Alyssa Satin Capucilli
Illustrated by Tedd Arnold

Review by: Christa J Koch
Owner/ Operator of
Copyright by Preschool Education

     Your preschooler is going to love reading along to this Halloween rebus story about a house on Halloween. This cause and effect stories hilarities make it a favorite Halloween story of many children and adults alike.

     The story starts with a house that is haunted. Then, a hand knocks on the door outside the house that is haunted, which startled the spider that dropped to the floor. The story continues to wake up the entire house full of Halloween creatures while delighting you preschooler. Creatures like a mummy, a skeleton, a ghost, and many more. All the racket that these characters wind up making wakes up the Monster. Who stomps his feet? Threw open the door, and hears Trick or treat! The last page shows a surprise about the visitor at the door.

     When reading this story with my class I always make it a group participation story. I follow the story through with my finger and when I reach a rebus picture the children shout out its name. This story is great for solo or group time. With the catchy words and the rebus pictures you will find in no time your preschooler will be reading the story to you.

     Tedd Arnold does some excellent cartoon depictions in this book. They are easy to see and a delight to look out. Preschools are not scared of the pictures; in fact my classes laugh their way through the story. The illustrations are cute, detailed, and bright. They appear to have been done in watercolor and colored pencil.

     I would recommend this story to preschool children 3 and up.

     If you enjoy this book you will also enjoy Inside A Barn In The Country and Inside A Zoo In The City. Also written by Alyssa Satin Capucilli and illustrated by Tedd Arnold.

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