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My Dad
By Anthony Browne

Review by: Christa J Koch
Owner/ Operator of

This is a truly funny story about a child that idolizes their Dad. It is a wonderful tribute to Dad’s everywhere. “He’s all right, my Dad.” “My dad isn’t afraid of anything.” The little boy tells how his dad can jump over the moon, walk on a tight rope, wrestling giants, eat like a horse, wise as an owl. “He’s all right, my Dad.” The little boy goes on to tell you about all the things his Dad can do. The story ends, “I love my dad. And you know what? He loves me! ( and he always will.)”

     The remarkable illustrations in this story only add to charm and hilarity of this fabulous story. The first illustration of Dad, finds him in his plaid bath robe. Drinking a cup of coffee. The rest of the illustrations play off this. whether Dad is wrestling giants or jumping over the moon, he is doing it in his plaid bath robe, pajama’s, and slippers. When Dad eats like a horse, he turns into a horse wearing the same plaid bathrobe, pajama’s and slippers. Even the toast is plaid. There is a page that says “He makes me laugh. A lot.” Even the buttons on his pajama’s have a smiley face on them. Your preschooler will enjoy laughing along with this story, while at the same time thinking about there Super Dad.

     I highly recommend this book for children ages 2 and up. I also recommend it for any adult that still thinks they have a Super Dad like mine!

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