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Also See Spiders

Added: 08-11-1998 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: White Lima Beans, marker, branch

Directions: Find white lima beans at the grocery store and turn them into ghost. Add eyes and mouth to the beans. Glue them to a branch, that is placed in a pot.

Ghost Magnet 
Added: 08-11-1998 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: Oatmeal Container, black paper, white paint, and a marble

Directions: Make a ghost cut out of black construction paper and place in an old oatmeal canister with one teaspoon white paint and marbles and shake. Makes a really cute spooky ghost. Mount them on fun foam and add glitter and a magnet for a spooky fridge magnet.

Spooky Spider Webs 
Added: 08-11-1998 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: Paper plate, pie pan, black paint, marble, spider ring

Directions: Put a paper plate in a pie pan and give the student a small dab of black paint. You can also paint a paper plate black and do the activity with the white paint to look more realistic. After the small dab of paint is placed on the student” plate, drop a marble in and let the child move the pie pan in all different directions to make a spooky spider web. After it has dried, punch a hole in the plate and attach a plastic spider ring or sponge paint a spider in the web.

Rattling Skeletons 
Added: 08-11-1998 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: White paper, crayons, and glue

Directions: Use white paper to form 5 paper chains, and then connect to make a skeleton. Trace children’s hands and feet on white paper, cut and glue to the ends of the arms and legs. Cut an oval shape and draw on the face. These work best when made with small groups of children.

Tempera Paint Spider Webs 
Added: 08-11-1998 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: Black paint, Straws, and paper

Directions: Using runny black paint, allow the children to use a straw to blow the paint across the page to make a spider’s web.

Glue Ghosts 
Added: 08-11-1998 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: Wax, paper, pencil, glue, marker, and string

Directions: Have the child draw a ghost outline on a piece of waxed paper, and then have them fill in the outline with white school glue. Dry overnight, and then have the child add facial features. Place on a string and you have a spooky ghost necklace.

Giggly Ghosts 
Added: 08-11-1998 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: Quilt batting, Narrow elastic, Construction paper, Glue

Directions: Have the children tear off a wad of the quilt batting. Have the children form the “ghost” any way they want. Next, have the children cut eyes, legs, arms, etc. from the construction paper and glue onto their ghost. Finally, cut some of the elastic and tape to the top of the ghosts and hang them from the ceiling. The kids love to watch them bob up and down.

Halloween Pasta Collage 
Added: 08-11-1998 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: pasta Halloween shapes, glue

Directions: Check out your local grocery store, Michael’s, Trader Joe’s, or Ben Franklin craft store to find pasta in Halloween shapes. Let your kids create a cool collage with the pasta and whatever else you decide to add.

Halloween Cookie Cutter Prints 
Added: 08-11-1998 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: Halloween Cookie Cutters, paint, and paper

Directions: Buy an assortment of Halloween cookie cutters. Let the children dip the cookie cutters into paint and then press onto paper.

Halloween Pasta Necklaces 
Added: 08-11-1998 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: Pasta Halloween shapes, string

Directions: Find Halloween shaped pasta. Let your children string the pasta shapes on a piece of yarn to create a necklace or bracelet.

Footprint Ghosts 
Added: 08-11-1998 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: white paint, Black paper, markers

Directions: Paint each child’s foot with white paint and print it on a black sheet of construction paper. When it dries add eyes to the heel part of the foot. That will be the ghost’s head.

Paper Bag Pumpkins 
Added: 08-11-1998 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: Lunch size paper bags, Orange paint, Green paint, Newspaper, String

Directions: Have the children crumple up newspaper and stuff their paper bags so they are � full. Twist the un-stuffed part of the bag and tie at the bottom to make a stem. Let the children paint their pumpkins. When they are dry, the children can draw faces on them.

Pumpkin Painting 
Added: 08-11-1998 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: small pumpkins, paint, and paper

Directions: Buy several small, fresh pumpkins. Cut them in half. Let the children dip the pumpkin halves into paint to make prints.

Spaghetti Cobwebs 
Added: 08-11-1998 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: Cooked spaghetti (cold), White glue, Waxed paper

Directions: Have the children dip the spaghetti into the glue and arrange the pieces onto the waxed paper. When the spaghetti dries, carefully peel the “cobweb” off the waxed paper. Hang from the ceiling.

Cheese Cloth Ghosts 
Added: 08-11-1998 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: Cheese cloth, 2 cups white glue, 16-oz. plastic cups

Directions: Dilute the white glue with to cups of water. Let the children dip a piece of cheesecloth into the diluted glue. Have the children drape the wet cheesecloth over the 16 oz. cups. Let the “ghosts” dry for two days. Carefully remove the cup from the hardened cheesecloth. Let the children decorate their ghosts. Hang the completed ghosts from the ceiling.

Puffy Paint Cobwebs 
Added: 08-11-1998 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: Flour, salt, water, paper plate or construction paper

Directions: Mix equal parts of flour, salt, and water in a large bowl. Pour the mixture into squeeze bottles. Give each child a black paper plate or a piece of black construction paper. Let the children squeeze the white puffy paint onto the black paper. When the puffy paint dries, it will look like glittery cobwebs.

Pumpkin Pies 
Added: 09-15-1998 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: Orange paper, powdered Cinnamon, powdered ginger, whole cloves, paper cup, glue

Directions: Cut pie shapes out of orange construction paper. Set out small containers of powdered cinnamon and ginger and place a few whole cloves In a paper cup for each child. Have the children brush glue on their pie shapes. Then let them sprinkle the spices over the glue to create fragrant “pumpkin pies.”

Pasta Pumpkins 
Added: 09-15-1998 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: Tagboard, glue, assorted pasta, popsicle sticks, and orange paint

Directions: Cut pumpkin shapes out of tagboard or lightweight cardboard. Pour glue into small containers and set out bowls of assorted pasta shapes (macaroni,  wheels, bows, etc.). Let the children use Popsicle stick applicators to glue the pasta shapes all over their pumpkins. Then after the glue has dried, let them paint their pasta pumpkins orange. If desired, punch holes in the tops of the shapes and insert yarn to make hangers.

Shape Ghosts 
Added: 09-15-1998 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: Black tag board, Black yarn, White lima beans, Glue

Directions: Cut tag board into circles, triangles, and squares, about four or five inches across. Punch a hole in the top of each shape. Cut an18 in. length of yarn for each child. Explain that the black shapes are ghosts and the beans are ghost eyes. Then the left the children glue of the bean eyes on their ghosts.

Spiders Web added 9-15-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: String or yarn, 6 6 inch pieces of string, 4 12 inch pieces of string, Diluted white glue or liquid starch, Wax paper

Directions: Let the children dip pieces of string into dishes of glue or starch. Then have them lay their strings on wax paper to create the spider’s web. Lay the string in the shape of a spiral overlapping the ends. Lay the large pieces of string over the spiral in the shape of a cross. When the strings dry, they will become stiff and hold their shapes.

Footprint Ghost 2 added 9-28-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: paper, crayons

Directions: Using white paper, have children step on paper and trace around their shoes. To make a face, use crayons, pens, or black construction paper with white chalk.

Garbage Bag Ghost added 9-28-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: large white garbage bag, permanent black marker, newspaper, strong string

Directions: Stuff one corner of a large white garbage bag with crumpled newspaper to form a head. Twist shut, folding other corner down and secure with string. Draw a face on the ghost with permanent markers. Let face dry. Cut bottom part of bag into 3-4″ wide strips. Attach string to top of head with wide tape; knotting string so it doesn’t pull out. Make lots and hang them indoors or out. *Please note: please be careful of plastic bags around small children. No one should ever put a plastic bag over their own or anyone else’s head or use this craft as a “costume” .

Halloween Wreath added 9-28-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: paper plate, green paint, Halloween patterns, yarn, ribbon

Directions: Use a paper plate with the center circle cut out. Paint this wreath with green tempera paint. Have the children cut out Halloween figures–Jack-o-Lantern, ghosts, bats, black cats, candy shapes, etc.–Glue the shapes around the circle. Some of my kids wanted to tie yarn and ribbons around the circle.

Paper Bag Masks added 9-28-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Grocery Bag, crayons, markers, scissors, and glue

Directions: Very simple or very elaborate masks can be made from grocery bags. Start with crayons, markers, scissors and glue, and let your imagination go wild.

Pumpkin Collage added 9-28-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: pre-cut pumpkins (different sizes and shapes), orange, yellow, green paint, pumpkin seeds, yellow and orange wool (for pumpkin guts)

Directions: Paint pumpkins and let dry. Then let children arrange seeds and wool on pumpkins.

Spiders added 9-28-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: black tempera paint, medium Styrofoam balls, black pipe cleaners (wide ones), wiggly eyes, fishing line, needle

Directions: Have the kids paint their Styrofoam balls black. Cut your pipe cleaners in half and stick into the painted ball. Four on each side of the ball. Then glue wiggly eyes on. We strung fishing line through them and hung them from the ceiling with just a piece of scotch tape.

Spiders added 9-28-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Black paper, glitter

Directions: To make spiders, trace children’s 4 fingers on black paper, then turn around paper and trace finger on other hand, adjacent to the first 4 fingers. (the palm areas will overlap each other) Cut out. Punch two holes for eyes, decorate w/ glitter and suspend from ceiling or window, draping with spider web gauze.

A Fistful of Ghost added 9-28-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: White paint, dark paper

Directions: With a flick of the wrist, a hand print becomes a ghost! Make a paint pad from a folded, wet paper towel and white paint. Press the little finger side of the hand onto the pad and then onto background paper with a bit of a swish.  The little finger makes a head and the bottom of the hand creates the ghost!

Lollipop Ghost added 9-28-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Tissue paper, Tootsie pop, and string

Directions: Take a tissue paper and cover the top of a tootsie pop and tie a string  around the “head” of Ghost! Makes a cute snack!

Ghosts added 9-28-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Black paper, White paint

Directions: On black construction paper have the children paint white ghosts. When
the ghosts are dry, ask the children to give their ghost a name that begins with the letter G and tell a goofy story about their ghost.

George the Ghost added 9-28-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Green paper, Green Glue (green paint mixed in makes green glue.), Markers

Directions: Cut a ghost shape out of green construction paper. Draw a goofy face on
the ghost. Then use green glue to put green glasses on the ghost. Write the letter “G” on the ghost. Use both upper and lower case letters. You now have a “goofy green ghost wearing green glasses.”

Juice Can Monster added 9-28-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: One clean frozen juice can per puppet, Construction paper or fabric for body, Glue, Felt or paper strips for arms and legs, Buttons, feathers, fabric, glitter, paper, and other assorted decorations. 

Directions: Cover the juice can by gluing on construction paper or fabric, then place the can upright on a table (with the opening at the bottom). Glue felt “arm” strips midway down both sides of the can and “leg” strips to the front of the lower edge.
Set out the rest of your decorations and watch as your children create some interesting characters.

The Blob added 9-28-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Paint, sponge, paper, tape, crayons

Directions: Draw a shape on a piece of paper. Cut out the shape. Place the Blob
Pattern on top of another piece of paper (can tape down). Use a sponge to dab paint along the edges where the pattern and piece of paper meet. Remove the pattern. Use crayons to draw a face on your Blob any way you like it.

Halloween Candy Holder added 9-28-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Large Can, white paint, orange paint, black paint or a black marker, hammer and Nail (Adult Only), String

Directions: This is a great craft that the children can use to go trick or treating with, or you can use it as a decoration, and more. Take a large can (coffee can, spaghetti sauce can.) and wash thoroughly, making sure to remove all outside paper and stickiness. Paint the can with one coat of white paint and let dry. !Then paint the can with a coat of orange paint let dry. Then either with black paint, or a black marker draw the face of a jack-o-lantern on the can. Punch two holes into the top edges of the can on opposite sides. (Use a hammer and nail) Tie string or twine to make a
handle. Now you have a great holiday decoration that you can actually use. Optional: You can use smaller cans, fill them with candy & stuff and use them as party favors at a Halloween party.

Jack-o-Lantern added 9-28-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: paper plate, orange paint, green paper, and markers

Directions: Give each of the children a round paper plate. Have them paint the back
side of the paper plate with Orange tempera paint. Use black paint or markers to draw the face and add a green construction paper stem.

Pumpkins added 9-28-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Paper Plates, Pumpkin Seeds, Orange Paint, Paper Plates

Directions: Paint paper plates orange and glue on pumpkin seeds.

Thumbprint pumpkins added 9-28-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Paper, Paint, markers, and your thumb

Directions: Give each child a sheet of white or yellow construction paper. Pour small amounts of orange paint into shallow containers. Have the kids dip their thumb into the paints and press them all over the paper. When the paint has dried, help the children turn their thumbprints into pumpkins by adding stems, leaves and vines with a green marker

Light up pictures added 9-28-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Q-tips, tempera paint, manila paper, salad oil

Directions: Provide Q-tips and small amounts of tempera paint in small containers. Let the children use the Q-tips to paint designs on manila paper. After the paint is dry, let the children use a paint brush to quickly spread the oil over the entire picture. Light will show through and light up the picture when it is hung in a window.

Pumpkin Seed Collage added 9-28-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Pumpkin seeds, glue and paper

Directions: Wash and dry pumpkin seeds and place them in the art area with glue and paper. The children cam make pumpkin seed collages.

Torn up about Jack-O-Lanterns added 9-30-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Halloween Music, Tissue paper, paper, glue

Directions: Play some Halloween music or a story tape as you have youngsters tear orange, yellow, and green tissue paper into small pieces. To create this illuminating
masterpiece, draw a circle on black construction paper and spread glue to fill the circle. Press enough orange paper pieces on the glue to cover it; then glue the yellow paper atop the orange paper to create a jack-o-lanterns face. Add a green paper stem in the same manner.

Stencil Pumpkins added 9-30-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Plastic lids from food containers such as cottage cheese, margarine, potato
salad, etc., knife or razor, black paint, brushes, and an orange cut-out pumpkin.

Directions: Using a knife, razor or scissors, the instructor cuts out two eyes and a mouth on the plastic lid to create a stencil. The child is given a pumpkin. Positioning the plastic stencil over the pumpkin, he/she paints in the eyes and mouth.

Paper and Paint Pumpkins added 9-30-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Yellow construction paper, scissors, liquid starch, and paint brushes.

Directions: The instructor cuts out a yellow pumpkin for each child. Each child is given a yellow construction paper pumpkin. Liquid starch in bowls and paint brushes are placed on the work table. Children paint the pumpkins with the liquid starch. Wherever the starch is applied on the pumpkin, it will turn orange.

Paper Plate Pumpkins added 9-30-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: a large paper plate, orange construction paper, green construction paper, and glue. 

Directions: Encourage each child to cover the paper plate with torn pieces of orange construction paper and then add a stem torn from green construction paper. Use the completed pumpkins on your October bulletin board.

Pumpkin Sun Catchers added 9-30-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Clear Contact paper, Tissue paper

Directions: Supply each child with a section of clear *Contact* paper and red and yellow bits of tissue paper. Remove the backing and tape the *Contact* paper to the table in the child’s spot. Encourage the children to place red bits of paper in a single layer on one half of the *Contact* paper, and yellow bits on the other half. Then, fold the *Contact* paper in half and ask the children to describe what happens when the red and yellow tissue overlaps. Provide child with a pattern or stencil with which to cut a pumpkin out of the finished orange *Contact* paper. Hang in a sunny window to get the full effect.

Pom Pom Spider added 10-18-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: Black yarn, Small square of cardboard, Black pipe cleaners, Goggly eyes, Red construction paper, Glue

Directions: Wind yard around and around cardboard square until heavily covered. Using a small piece of yarn tie securely at the center, cut edges and remove the cardboard. Insert three pipe cleaners into the knotted center and bend to form legs. Glue on eyes if desired, or cut out eyes from red paper. Use thread or yarn to hang spider.

Egg Carton Spider added 10-18-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: Cardboard egg carton, Black pipe cleaners, Black tempera paint, marker or crayon, Red construction paper, Glue, Thread or yarn

Directions: Using paint, marker or crayons, color the cup sections of the egg carton.
Cut each egg cup apart. Push pipe cleaner legs into egg cup and bend to shape legs. Cut red paper and glue on for eyes. Use thread or yarn to hang.

Ghost Puppet  added 10-18-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: Tissue paper, Cotton ball, Rubber band, String

Directions: Place tissue paper over a cotton ball and secure under ball with rubber band. Draw eyes on with marker. Tie a string around neck and hang or use as a finger puppet by hooking over a finger with rubber band.

Halloween Chain added 10-18-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: Orange and Black construction paper

Directions: Cut orange and black strips of paper, three to four inches long and one-half inch wide. Form a circle with one strip and glue or staple ends. Take next
strip and loop it through first circle, again gluing or stapling ends. Continue on making as long as you like, alternating colors.

Eye Masks added 10-18-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: Inexpensive eye masks, Sequins, Feathers, Buttons, Dried beans

Directions: Have kids attach a variety of items on hand to the masks with glue to make their own decorated eye masks.

Halloween Table Cloth added 10-18-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: White paper table cloth, Sponges, Tempera acrylic paint, Markers, Stickers, Halloween cutouts

Directions: On white paper tablecloth decorate with assorted shapes cut from sponges. Glue on Halloween cutouts or stickers.

Trick or Treat Bags added 10-18-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: Brown paper lunch bags, Felt-tip markers, Halloween stickers, Cutout pumpkins, ghosts, bats, cats, Glue

Directions: Decorate the brown paper bags with assorted Halloween designs. Larger brown paper grocery bags can be decorated and used for trick or treating.

Bone Mobile added 10-18-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: Bone shaped dog biscuits, White spray paint, String, Coat hanger

Directions: Spray paint dog biscuits white on both sides. Once dry tie together with
string in a variety of patterns. Hang from coat hangers or crossed dowels.

Secret BOO!  added 10-18-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: White paper, white crayon, black watercolor paint

Directions: Before class I drew ghosts and the words BOO on white paper with white crayon. (very difficult to see)–no one noticed it was there. The children watched magic being formed right in front of their eyes and they painted water colors over the entire paper. The Ghost and Boo appeared.

Mummy  added 10-18-00 Original Author Unknown

Need: Tag Board, black paper, glue, white tissue paper (or toilet paper)

Directions: Cut out a “body” shape from tag board.  Glued it to a  half piece of 
black construction paper.  Cut strips of white tissue paper and have the children glued them all over the body to look like a mummy. You can write on the black paper with white crayon or chalk.  “MUMMY” I love you!

Handprint Ghosts  added 9-17-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: white paint, black paper

Directions: Have the children paint their hands white and press onto black construction paper. When they dry have the children turn them upside down and add faces.

Leaf Witches  added 9-17-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: leaves, paper, crayons and markers

Directions: Have children glue down pressed leaves on construction paper for witches body. Then allow them to fill in their own features on the witch. Perhaps they would like to have the witch riding on her broom or standing next to her brew.

Paper Plate Bat  added 9-17-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: small paper plate, black paint, black paper, chalk, hole punch, yarn

Directions: Paint a small paper plate with black finger paint, and let it dry. Cut triangle shapes from black construction paper, 3 for each wing and lay them out so you can glue the two top corners to another triangle. Fasten the wings to the back of the paper plate and draw a face with white correction fluid or chalk. Punch a hole in the top to hang.

Paper Plate Masks added 9-17-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: Paper Plates, Popsicle Sticks, Yarn, or Rubber Bands, Glue or tape, Crayons, Markers, or Paint, Scrap Paper, Fabric, Buttons.

Directions:  Cut out holes for eyes. Decorate as desired. Use a popsicle stick as a “handle” to hold up the mask, or use yarn or rubber bands to tie it to the face.

Halloween Votives  added 9-24-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: Collect one baby food jar, one votive, back & orange tissue paper, glue and paint brush for each child.

Directions: Soak labels off of jars. Let the jars dry.  Let each child cut tissue
paper pieces and glue onto the jar with paint brush. Much like a decoupage.  They can make mosaics or even a jack-o-lantern.  With permanent marker add child’s name and date to the bottom of the jar.  Add a votive.  When they get home they have
a wonderful,  keepsake to use year after year.

Pumpkin Head  added 9-24-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: pumpkin, washable markers, and props.

Directions: Get props such as glasses, paper mustache, hats, scarves, and wigs. Let each child have turn to decorate and dress up pumpkin. When next
child’s turn – just wash the markers off!

Ghost Windsock  added 10-15-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: White paper paper, paper, glue, White crepe paper streamers, and string or yarn

Directions: Take a white paper lunch bag (flip it upside down so the top opening of the bag is at the bottom).  Have your students cut out eyes and a mouth from black construction paper and glue to the front side of the bag.  After that, have them glue white crepe paper streamers to the inside of the bag.  Open up the bag and you can put a string through the top and hang the windsock.

Paper Plate Pumpkin Shakers added 9-9-02 Submitted By: Kendra Phinney

Need: 2 small paper plates, orange paint, green construction paper and popcorn kernels

Have children paint both paper plates. when dry staple them together but leave room to add popcorn kernels and construction paper stem. children can add face with markers and have fun with them in a dancing game.

Balloon Jack O Lanterns added 9-16-02 Original Author Unknown

Need: Orange balloons (Older Children Only!), black markers, stickers, or black finger paint.

Directions: Blow up an orange balloon and let the child use a black marker, stickers, or black finger paint to create facial features.

Mummy trick-or-treat bags added 9-2-03 Original Author Unknown

Need: Brown Bags with handles, white crepe paper, glue, paper, scissors

Directions: Collect brown bags with handles. Enough for each child to have one. (bath and body works bags work great.) Take white crepe paper streamers and
glue strips over the front of the bag going in random directions. Glue scary eyes on it and a mouth and there is your mummy bag. 

Handprint Pumpkin Patch added 10-6-03 Original Author Unknown

Need: Orange Tempra Paint, Green Tempra Paint, Paper, Sponge to apply paint, Palm of hand, index finger, soap & water.

Directions: Apply Orange Tempra Paint to the palm of a hand. Press palm onto paper. Repeat process until desired number of “pumpkins appear”. (It’s okay if they overlap.) Using index finger & Green Tempra Paint, make stem and leaves on the pumpkins.
Use the soap and water to clean up hands.

Hand Print Spiders added 10-16-04 Submitted by: Anonymous

Need: Black paint, white paper

Directions: Take black tempera paint or finger paint and paint the child’s hands. Then
place each hand on a white piece of construction paper heal to heal. Add eyes to the spiders body. 

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