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The Berenstain Bears’ Easter Surprise
By Stan and Jan Berenstain

Review by: Yvonne Gaudet

The Berenstain family returns to us in this story of their Easter surprise. Bear Country had always been a fine place to grow up, everything seemed perfect and every season brought new changes. Every season, that is, except this one. Something just wasn’t right, somehow spring had just stopped, and if spring had stopped, then what would become of Easter and the Easter Bunny? When the bears of Bear Country go together to see Boss Bunny, the hare in charge of signalling spring, they find a small sign instead. The sign simply read “Boss Bunny has quit”, so Easter and spring were on hold! To Brother Bear this situation leaves him with many questions like, how would Easter time arrive, what would become of his Easter surprise that momma had been talking to him about, and What could he do to help the Easter Bunny? In this rhyming story, learn how Brother Bear helps to save Easter for all the bears of Bear Country. What will be the Easter surprise that Brother Bear will be receiving? These questions will all be answered when you read this story to your child. A little more advanced then preschool books, it would be best suited as a read-to-me-book, I recommend this story for ages 4-10.

     Illustrated in bright, vibrant colors, this Easter story teaches that family, love and togetherness may be all you need for a good surprise at Easter time.

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