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Elliot’s Emergency
Written and illustrated by: Andrea Beck

Review by: Robin Hatfield

Elliot Moose and his friends are lifelike and loveable characters. There is Socks the monkey, Paisley the bear and many more. This is a touching story of friendship. All of Elliot’s friends work together after he has an accident, the worst kind for a stuffed moose-a pulled thread. Everyone shares ideas and stays positive even when faced with setbacks.

     The pulled thread has become a hole, Socks has a safety pin but the hole is too long. There are still open places on both ends. Socks realized they need help and runs upstairs. Lionel the lion was the first to come to help, he had some tape and began wrapping Elliot’s leg, but the tape was old and wouldn’t stick. His friends keep trying to fix the hole with a bandage, glue and a large clip-nothing was working. Elliot was becoming very sad, he couldn’t imagine ever having fun again. Finally Socks goes to find Beaverton, who always seems to know what to do. Beaverton takes a look at Elliot’s leg and starts to clean off the clip, glue, bandage and safety pin. He then picks up a needle and thread and begins to sew the hole shut. He also shows Elliot how to sew “for next time”. When Beaverton is finished, Elliot looks at his leg. He feels great, gets up and runs and does a cartwheel. Elliot is finally able to settle down for the night and dreams of the adventures he and Socks will have tomorrow.

     I think Elliot will soon become a favorite character for children everywhere-he is certainly a favorite with us!

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