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Dino Crowns 
Added: 06-25-1998 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: Sponges, scissors, Construction paper, and paint. 

Directions: Cut out sponges in the shapes of footprints that dinos would make. Sponge paint a crown shape strip of construction paper. Label with child’s name, like Chrisosaurus or Tyranosaurus-Fred, etc.

Stegosaurus Hat 
Added: 06-25-1998 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: Construction paper, scissors, markers, scrap paper, and glue.
Directions: Trace 2 Steg shapes and have the kids cut them out. Then they use all the scrap construction paper from other projects to make the spikes and markers to color the steggie. We fit it on their heads.

Elbow skeleton 
Added: 06-25-1998 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: Photo copy of T-Rex, elbow macaroni, and glue.

Directions: Provided each of the children with a copy of a t-rex their color choice. They glued elbow macaroni on it to represent the dino skeleton.

Finger, Thumb, and Hand Dinosaurs 
Added: 06-25-1998 
Original Author Unknown

Need: Paints, water, several saucers to tin-foil containers, paper for your pictures, LOTS of newspaper, a rag, your hand

Directions: Using your finger, thumb, fist and hand, you can print amazing dino’s . . . and probably messy ones too!

Tip: Don’t put too much water with your paint. It needs to be sticky to give a good print. Dab your fingertip into the paint, and then press gently onto the paper. You will  know if the paint stickiness is right if you can see the swirls and lines in your fingertips.

1. Spread lots of newspaper around where you are painting.
2. Put a different – colored paint in each saucer. Keep a  couple of saucers for mixing colors.
3. Before you start your picture: Dip your thumb, finger-tips, palm of your hand, your fist, the side of your hand, your little finger in the paint and see what shapes they make. Try rolling hem on the paper too.

Tyrannosaurus Rex Snouts 
Added: 06-25-1998 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: Scissors, Tape, Plastic foam or paper cup with bottom removed, four 2 1/2 inch pieces of rickrack or Zig zag pieces of material or construction paper, two 24 inch pieces of yarn

1) Starting at the bottom of the cup cut 1 wedge out of the cup. This is 1 side of the mouth. Cut another wedge out of the cup on the side opposite the first wedge.
2) For the teeth tape rickrack to the outer edges of the mouth. Decorate the snout anyway you like.
3) Tie a piece of yarn to each corner of the mouth. Put the snout up to your nose and tie the yarn around your head.

Cereal Apatosaurus 
Added: 06-25-1998 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: Pencil, Scissors, Dry cereal, Poster board, White crafts glue, Tempera paint
Waxed paper or newspapers, Cotton swab or paint brush

1) Draw a dinosaur outline on poster board. Cut the dinosaur out of the poster board.
2) Dab a small amount of glue onto the dino. Place cereal on the glue (as much as you like.) Let glue dry for a few hours or overnight.
3) Cover your work area with newspaper or wax paper. Use a cotton swab as a paint brush and paint your dino. Let paint dry.

Dinosaur Masks 
Added: 06-25-1998 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: Large paper grocery bag, glue, markers, scissors, construction paper cut into strips (2-3″) in a variety of colors, stapler

1) Cut the bag all the way around about 1/3 up from the bottom.
2) Take the bottom part of the grocery bag and turn it upside down.
3) Place it on child’s head, trace holes for eyes, and cut out.
4) Using the other part of the bag, cut it so that it is the same width as the width of the dinosaur head. (This will be the dinosaur’s tail)
5) Use the strips of construction paper to make spikes and glue on the dino’s tail (look like triangle shapes).
6) Staple the tail to the back of the dino’s head, and voila, your dinosaur!

Pasta Collage 
Added: 06-13-1999 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: scraps of colored paper, dinosaur shaped pasta, and Glue

Directions: Put out scraps of color paper and glue and dinosaur shaped pasta and have the children make a dinosaur scene or collage.

Dinosaur Tee-Shirt 
Added: 02-24-2001 
Submitted by: Michelle Clark

Need: T-shirt, fabric paint

Directions: Paint each child’s hand with fabric paint and place it, fingers-downward on a plain white or light-colored tee-shirt to form a Dinosaur. Make sure fingers are spread open! Use a different color fabric paint and add scales on the back of the dinosaur. Also an eye or a smile and write the words: “DINO”MITE KID!

Dino Hat 
Added: 07-21-2001 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: Paper, Crayons, Scissors

Directions: Duplicate a dinosaur pattern on construction paper for each child.  Have the children decorate their dinosaur.  Glue the dinosaur to a strip of paper, staple ends of strips together to fit around the head.  Have a dinosaur parade with children wearing their dino hats.

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