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Pussy Willows Painted 
Added: 03-09-1998 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: Any color construction paper, White Paint, Q-tip, and a marker.

Directions: Draw several branches on drawing or construction paper. Paint pussy willow blossoms with a cotton swab and white paint.

Pussy Willows w/Cereal 
Added: 03-09-1998 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: Any color construction paper, puffed rice cereal, glue, and a marker.

Directions: Draw several branches on drawing or construction paper. Glue on puffed rice cereal for pussy willow blossoms.

Spool Flowers 
Added: 03-09-1998 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: Old thread spools, paint, construction paper, and a green marker.

Directions: Make some real neat flowers by painting with spools. The children pick the color they would like and dip the spool in the paint and print it on the paper. After the paint dries draw green lines for stems and made green leaves.

Spring Blossoms 
Added: 03-09-1998 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: Blue and Brown construction paper, Pink powdered tempera paint, plastic bag, glue, popcorn, and scissors.

Directions: Make a tree on brown construction paper. Cut it out and glue it on blue paper. Put popcorn in a plastic bag with pink powdered tempera paint. Shake!! Pour them onto the table. The children dip popped corn onto glue and then place onto the tree’s branches to represent the blossoms.

Coffee Filter Flowers 
Added: 03-12-1998 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: Coffee filter, Markers (or water color paints), and Green pipe cleaners.

Directions: Give each child 3-5 coffee filters. Have them color (decorate) them with magic markers (or water color paints) If they do a ring around the outer edge it looks really nice. Once they are finished, lay them on top of each other and gather in the center. Twist a green pipe cleaner around the center then let it hang for a stem.

Additional: Make paper leaves for the stems.

Added: 03-18-1998 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: Yellow construction paper, Green Construction paper, Brown Construction paper, Glue Scissors, and Marker.

Directions: To make the flower Cut a yellow circle 5″ and another 4″. From brown paper cut a circle 2 1/2 inches. Glue the circles one on top of the other. Fringe the yellow circles. Make a smiley face on the brown circle. Now, glue the flower onto  the stems. Measured each child and make the stems the same height as the child. Then add two leaves and write the child’s name on one leaf and their height on the other. These looked so cute along the wall. Above the flowers write the words “Flowers Grow with Love”.

Added: 04-30-1998 
Submitted by: Ange

Need: Cupcake papers, staples, construction paper, pipe cleaner, vase

Directions: Kids like to make flowers for their parents. What you do is take 3 cupcake cups (different colors) and staple them together. Then let the children cut 4 slits around the edges of the cups. Then you clue the cups on a piece of construction  paper (color of their choice). Then get a green pipe cleaner for the stem and have them make some leaves. They also look nice if you make several flowers and stick them in a vase.

Added: 06-24-1998 
Submitted by: Christa of Preschool Education

Need: 1 large paper plate, Yellow crayon, Brown crayon, small black beans, Scissors

Directions: Have the children color the inside of the plate brown. Then the outside rim yellow. I tell them that they are allowed to scribble today. Then give them some beans and glue, and let them glue them in the center where the brown is. After they dry, I cut around the edge to give it fringe. They look great hanging  from the ceiling.

“Hand”y Sunflowers 
Added: 06-24-1998 
Original author: unknown

Need: Construction paper, sunflower seeds

Directions: Children trace hands 3-4 times on yellow construction paper and cut out. Arrange in a circle. Trace and cut out black circle for the center of flower. Add green stem and leaves. This is really effective mounted on dark blue paper. The center of the flower can be painted with glue and have sunflower seeds stuck to it if you wish.

Added: 08-18-1998 
Original author: unknown

Need: Baking cups, Popsicle stick or pipe cleaner

Directions: Give the children yellow and white paper baking cups. Have them each flatten one of the cups and spread glue on the center portion. Then have them each place a second cup upright on top of the glue to make a daffodil. If desired, let the children attach Popsicle sticks or pipe cleaners for stems.

Added: 08-18-1998 
Original author: unknown

Need: Paper plate, paper, and glue

Directions: Have the children cut out a circle and glue it to the center of a paper plate. Show them how to cut petals in a variety of colors and glue them around the circle to form a daises. Have the children add stems and leaves.

Kazoo Flower 
Added: 08-18-1998 
Original author: unknown

Need: Toilet paper roll hole puncher, 4 in. X 4-in. piece of paper elastic band, colored paper for flower and leaves.

Directions: Punch hole into toilet paper roll about an inch in. Use the piece of paper and attach it to the toilet paper roll using the elastic band. (This must be done on the side that has the hole.) Attach a colorful fringe for the petals and green leaves for decoration.

Popcorn Flowers 
Added: 08-18-1998 
Original author: unknown

Need: Popcorn (popped), Plastic Baggies, Powdered tempera, Green construction paper, Tagboard

Directions: Pop popcorn reserving some to eat after craft is finished!! Put handfuls of popcorn in plastic Baggies and add powdered tempura paint to each one. Shake well to distribute paint all over the popcorn Cut stems and leaves out of green construction paper and glue them to tagboard. Glue on the colored popcorn to make spring flowers.

Raised Flower Painting 
Added: 08-18-1998 
Original author: unknown

Need: toilet paper paper towels, paint paper, paint brush

Directions: After painting a picture of a flowerpot and leaves have the children roll a piece of toilet paper (or paper towel) up in a spiral (snail shape) and dip it into the paint. Apply the toilet paper to the paper in a spiral motion. Glue may be needed to keep the paper in place after it dries.

Finger Print Daisies 
Added: 08-18-1998 
Original author: unknown

Need: Paint, crayons

Directions: Dip the students thumb in white paint for the petals and yellow paint for the center. I turned this into a number practiced had to draw four stems. (4 flowers) and put 5 petals on each flower. A great review for the numbers 4 and 5. The kids counted each others flowers and petals to make certain everyone had done it correctly.

Blooming Bouquets 
Added: 02-25-1999 
Original author: unknown

Need: Eyedropper or Q-tip, coffee filter, green chenille, paper cone

Directions: To make each flower, use an eyedropper or a q-tip to drop colored water onto a coffee filter. When the filter is dry, pinch and twist the center of it to form a bloom. Fold a green chenille stem in half. Twist the ends around the bloom for a stem; then secure with green masking tape. Cut the tip off a paper snow-cone holder (or make your own paper cones) and insert the flowers in the wide end to make a bouquet. We included a little poem with ours.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Here are some flowers
That I made just for you!

Wheelbarrow Planter 
Added: 03-13-1999 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: Plastic Scoops from Laundry detergent, Milk Gallon Cap (or buttons, etc…), Glue, Potting Soil, Seeds

Directions: Take the plastic scoop from laundry detergent (wash it ) and glue on each side towards the handle the plastic lid off a gallon milk jug. It makes a little wheel barrow. I hope I spelled that right. Next add potting soil and let the kids plant seeds in it. I always plant either grass seeds or beans because they grow so fast.

Stop and Smell the Flowers 
Added: 03-23-2000 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: Baking cups, markers, glue, paper, cotton ball, cologne

Directions: Have your children make flowers by coloring baking cups with markers and gluing on construction paper stems and leaves? Spray cotton balls with cologne or air freshener, and have the children glue a fragrant cotton ball to the center of each “blossom.” When the flowers are dry, display them on the wall or a bulletin board and invite visitors to “stop and smell the flowers.”

Watercolor Flower  
Added: 02-27-2001 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: White paper, watercolor, scissors, Popsicle stick, green paint, glue

Directions: Have the Children painted a white sheet of paper with watercolors. Then traced 6 circles and 2 leaves on their painted paper and cut them out.  The Children can arrange & glue the circles. One being the center and the other 5, the petals.  Then paint a craft stick green and glued their flower and leaves to it.

Pussy Willow Collage 
Added: 02-27-2001 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: Pussy willows, paper, glue or glue sticks

Directions: Children collage pussy willows onto paper.

Muffin Cup Flowers 
Added: 03-01-2001 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: muffing paper liners, paper, glue, scissors

Directions: Children can glue muffin cup liners to paper, add stems and leaves using construction paper.  They can make any color or type of flower they want.

Bow Flowers 
Added: 03-01-2001 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: Paint, paper, bows

Directions: Choose 3 or 4 colors of paint and pour a thin amount into a shallow dish. Set 2 (package) bows in each dish (the more decorative the bow the more variety of “flower” shapes you will create).  Have the children stamp the bows after they have been dipped in the paint, onto a large pre-cut piece of paper.  The children can paint the stems and leaves onto the “stamped” flowers.  You can also take my green paint and paint grass on the bottom to give this work of art an garden look.  It’s a good idea to not choose green for a “flower” colors so as not to get too much green in your picture.

Simple Hand Flowers 
Added: 04-13-2001 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: Construction Paper, Scissors Glue

Directions: Trace around 1 hand on yellow paper, and trace around 1 hand on red paper. Cut them out; these will be the flowers. Cut out a long & short stem out of green paper. Cut out four leaves out of green paper. Glue the cut out hands on the stems on brown paper, add leaves.

Macaroni Flowers 
Added: 05-20-2001 
Submitted by: Andi Larson

Need: macaroni (rotelle), color rubbing alcohol, food coloring, white construction paper, green maker, glue.

Directions: Color the macaroni with colored rubbing alcohol, let dry. draw stems on white construction paper. ( You can make clouds and sun on this to if you want.) (Older children can draw this on the paper themselves). Let the children glue the macaroni on the top of the stems.

Other suggestions for background (glue cotton balls for clouds and use light blue construction paper, have them cut a yellow circle for the sun.)

Flower Painting 
Added: 03-04-2002 
Original Author: Christa Koch of Preschool Education

Need: Wild flowers/ weeds, paint, and paper

Directions: Take the children outside to pick flowers. Bring the flowers inside. Give each child a piece of white paper and some paint on a paper plate. One color per plate. Let the children dip the flower into the paint, then paint with the flower. Makes beautiful pictures.

Hands and Feet Flowers 
Added: 03-16-2002 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: paper, scissors, glue, pencil, feet and hands

Directions: Trace each child’s hands on any color paper.  The more hands they have the more petals their flowers will have.  Cut them out.  Trace their feet each once onto green paper.  Cut them out.  Have children glue hands in circular pattern onto construction paper either overlapping the palms or around a precut circle that will contrast with the color of background and color of petals.  Add a green stem and the feet leaves.

Flower Prints 
Added: 03-29-2002 
Submitted by: Inge Archer

Need: Plastic soda bottle,  paint, paper, paint brushes.

Directions: The children can create their own flower prints by painting with the bottom of soda bottles. Dip the soda bottle into a shallow pan of paint. Then press it onto a piece of paper. Now make a stem and leaves using a paint brush.

Smashing Flower Prints 
Added: 06-02-2002 
Submitted by: Kecia Cupp

Need: real flowers, white construction paper, plastic (such as laminating film), hammer.

Directions: Have children pick flowers and arrange them on the paper. Cover with clear plastic.  Hit flowers with hammer (Adult Supervision).  Color from the flowers will make prints on the paper. This can also be done with leaves in the fall.

Tissue and Starch Flowers
Added: 06-10-2002 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: tissue, real flowers, liquid starch, pain brush, and paper

Directions: Take a small bunch of real flowers. Lay them on construction paper. Take a facial tissue and put over the top of the flowers. Paint starch over the entire thing. It dries clear and it makes a beautiful picture

Flower Printing 
Added: 03-03-2003 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: Paper, Liquid tempera, Flowers (fresh), Shallow pans (pie tin or cake pan)

Directions: Give each child a piece of paper. Put three or four different colors of paint into shallow pans. Let child gently dip a flower into paint. Blot flower on paper. Gently here, also. Repeat and repeat to see the light effect.

Koosh Ball Dandelions 
Added: 04-27-2003 
Submitted by: Rachel Pierce

Need: Construction Paper; Green Marker; A Miniature Koosh Ball and Yellow liquid tempera Paint

Directions: Have the children draw stems on the paper, then have them dip the mini koosh ball in the paint and lightly press the koosh ball at the top of the stem.  It really looks like a field of dandelions.

Daisy Doodle 
Added: 03-23-2004 
Submitted by: Ms. Crys

Need: flowers, leaves, other outdoor things, paper, paint, and a place to put the paint that the children can can press things in (I like to use cheap metal pie pans.)

Directions: Place the paint containers on your craft table. Then let the children gather flowers, leaves, branches, and anything else they can find.
Then let the children press there things in the paint and onto the paper it tends to make a very pretty paper.

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