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Kangaroo and Cricket
By Lorianne Siomades
Published By Boyds Mills Press

Review by: Yvonne Gaudet

Here’s another beautiful book by Lorianne Siomades. Kangaroo and Cricket is a book about opposites and similarities to teach young readers that even though two objects are very different, they can still be the same in other ways. Kangaroo and cricket… both can jump. Camel and turtle… both have a hump. You know as well as I know that a kangaroo and cricket are very much different from each other, yet they both have the ability to jump, just as a camel and a turtle are different but both have a hump. It teaches children to look at things with a new perspective, and put themselves in someone else�s shoes, so to speak. 

     With rhythmic simple text, and the ease of the memorization of the story, your early reader will truly enjoy sharing this book with his favorite audience. Self-esteem in children soars when they are given the opportunity to master reading on their own, and this story is sure to help. The illustrations in this book are bright and beautiful. Done in cut paper, gouache, and watercolor, they complete this book perfectly. As an added bonus, see if your child can find the caterpillar sneaking around on every page! I recommend this book for ages 0-6. Add this book to your library soon.

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