Arts & Crafts : Baby

Baby Painting 
Added: 01-11-2001 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: Q-tip, paint, and paper

Directions: Have children paint with Q-tips and pastel tempera on small pieces of paper. Frame their baby paintings on pastel construction paper, very pretty.

Baby Scribble 
Added: 01-11-2001 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: crayons, paper, black watercolor, paint brush
Directions: Remind the children that when babies color they scribble all over the paper. Do a project like a baby. They will scribble all over a white piece of paper and then paint over with a light wash of black paint.  The children are fascinated to see how the paint does not stick to the color but only to the white paper.  You do have to remind them, however, to color pretty hard when they are scribbling.  But it makes a pretty picture when they are through.

Putting Baby To Bed 
Added: 01-11-2001 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: paper, glue, magazines, scissors
Directions: On white paper, have kids glue a cut out picture (from magazine) of a baby to paper. Older kids may wish to draw their baby.   Then give kids small pieces of felt or fabric to glue over baby as a blanket.  You can also glue a picture of a teddy bear or other stuffed animal for baby to sleep with.   Now baby is already for bed!

Baby Powder Finger Paint 
Added: 01-13-2001 
Original Author: Unknown
Need: finger paint, paper, and powder

Directions: Finger paint with pastel colored paint.  Sprinkle the paint with baby powder to give it a different feel and smell. 

Yarn Dolls 
Added: 01-13-2001 
Original Author: Unknown
Need: 1 ball of yarn, 6″ tall, heavy cardboard (the front of a cereal box works great!), Scissors

Directions: Wrap yarn sideways around the card board piece. When it is fairly thick, remove the yarn from the cardboard. Tie a piece of yarn about one inch from each end, set aside. Wrap yarn length-wise around cardboard piece until fairly thick. Remove yarn from cardboard. Tie a piece of yarn in the middle of the bundle for a waist and around the top for a head.
You can cut the foot ends for a “dress” or leave them looped for “feet.”

Added: 01-13-2001 
Original Author: Unknown
Need: paper Tube, glue, tissue, peanut shell, marker

Directions: Cut tube in half lengthwise; glue halves together back – to – back. The top half is the bed, the bottom the stand. Use a Kleenex for the blanket and a peanut shell for the baby. Draw eyes and mouth on the baby. Optional – Cover the tube with construction paper or wallpaper samples before gluing together, then decorate.

Baby Collage 
Added: 01-13-2001 
Original Author Unknown
Need: wrapping paper, wallpaper, ribbon, yarn, construction paper

Directions: Provide scraps of assorted baby gift-wrap, pastel wallpaper and snips of pastel ribbon and yarn to glue on a construction paper background.

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