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Harold At The North Pole:
A Christmas Journey with the Purple Crayon

By Crockett Johnson

Review by: Yvonne Gaudet

Harold and his purple crayon are going on an adventure, on Christmas Eve, to find a Christmas tree.
He heads north and along the way he draws things with his purple crayon, like the big dipper and the moon. Then he draws a blizzard and a snowman, and he gave the snowman a muffler and a hat to wear to keep him warm. Finally the snow stopped and Harold found himself surrounded with tons of the white cold hills! He thought he was near the North Pole! He draws a huge candy cane and climbs up on it to get a better view. Sure enough he must be in the North Pole! He draws a chimney on a roof and then he draws Santa Claus coming out of the chimney, This Little boy sure has a creative imagination! Can Harold help Santa Claus save Christmas this year? Will Harold finally find his perfect Christmas tree? To find out you will need to read this purple book! I recommend this book for ages 0-6 and to anyone who loves the color purple! The illustrations are done by none other then Harold himself and in his favorite color, of course. This book is also great for early readers, as everything that happens is clearly shown in Harold’s creative illustrations! Enjoy this book soon, my kids love it!

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