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Loop Purpose & Rules

Well you asked, so here it is. I have created a preschool education mailing loop. The purpose of this list is to provide a instant place for preschool educator to discuss everyday activities, stresses, problems, get answers to question, share lessons. This loop is not to replace the message board. That will always be there. These messages will go right to your email. Right now I have made the list un moderated. I am hoping to keep it that way. So, please try to stick to the rules.


1. Have fun!!!! This list is just for that purpose. I am not going to be to strict about the topics. The loop is meant for preschool related topics, but once it gets going I think you find that we will become a big family. Share the occasional person message is OK with me. All I ask is you put OT in the subject. (off topic) So those who are not interested in reading it can just delete it.
2. No flaming, being nasty or rude will be tolerated. If this happens you will be removed from the list immediately.
3. If you have any questions please feel free to email me about the loop.


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