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Children’s Pictures 
Added: 08-08-1998 
Original Author: Unknown

Take pictures of the children on the first day of school using a polaroid and then use those pictures monthly in your Bulletin Boards. Examples are Sept: “Welcome aboard” put their picture on a bus. Oct: “You look bootiful” put their picture on ghosts. March: “Our Irish Eyes are Smiling” Their picture would be on a shamrock etc…

Perpetual Bulletin Boards  
Added: 03-24-2000 
Submitted by: Karen LaVarnway

Each year I put up an “All Seasons Tree”. Using poster board, I made a brown tree trunk with branches that stem all over.

At the beginning of the year, I have a large green piece of construction paper to look like a tree full of leaves.  I place apples on the tree, for our theme of apples. (it is also the time of year for apples to be on the tree)

Next, I have made leaves of all different colors that we as a class put on the branches (with the green removed), and some on the base of the tree and some falling.

Next, I put on white blobs of “snow”.  We also make snowflakes to put on the tree.

Next, I have the branches bare for a while and then I have little pieces of brown paper to look like “buds”  that go on each branch.

Towards the end of the year, I make up what looks like apple blossoms with the children’s picture in the center of each blossom with the saying, “Look how we have blossomed!”.

The children are active in putting each new piece on the tree and they learn about seasons and the changes that the environment has throughout the year.

I have all of the different pieces clear contact papered, so that I can use it again the following year.  The initial set up of this is time consuming but the rewards are well worth the effort.  It is a hit with the children and the parents.

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