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Christmas Cats
By Jean Marzollo
Illustrated by: Hans Wilhelm

Review by: Yvonne Gaudet

“Christmas cats wrap presents.
Christmas cats tie bows.
Christmas cats sing carols
And hang the mistletoe.”

     In this early reader, the Christmas cats prepare for Christmas as the kittens get very impatient! “When will Santa come?” they ask. As Christmas draws nearer we see the cats preparing the home for the holidays and we see that the kittens can no longer wait! Finally on Christmas Eve, when the kittens and cats are fast asleep, Santa Cat pays a special visit! In the morning the reader finds a house full of happy cats and kittens and they have a special message for us! The words in this book rhyme, and average about eight words per page, making this a very simple first Christmas reader for your little boy or girl. The younger children, ages 0-5 will love the pictures as an older child or an adult reads it to them. The illustrations in this book are very bright and bold, using lots of details and color. I recommend this book for ages 0-5!

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