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Teddy Bear Hat 
Added: 08-07-1997 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: a picture of a teddy bear head, Brown construction paper, Crayons, Glue, and Scissors.

Directions: Have the children color a picture of a teddy bear head. About the size of a 8 x 11 page. Then cut strip out of brown construction paper. Make headbands out of the strips. (Either use glue or Tape, remember no stapes near a child’s head.) Cut out the teddy bear head and glue it to the front of the headband. Now the children can be teddy bears too!

Paper Plate Teddy Bears 
Added: 08-07-1997 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: Brown paint, paper plates, Scissors, Crayons, Red and Brown constructing paper, Brown yarn, Glue, and a Black pom pom.

Directions: Let the Children paint a paper plate brown. Give then a chose of light, medium and dark drown. When they are dry they can add construction paper ears, eyes and bow tie (or hair bow). Let the children glue on some brown yarn hair for texture. Draw a mouth and put on a pom pom nose.

Sleeping Bear 
Added: 08-07-1997 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: Brown bag, Picture of a sleeping bear, White tissue paper, Glue, Scissors, and Crayons.

Directions: Give each child a picture of a sleeping bear and let them color it in. Cut a brown bag in the shape of a cave. Cut out the bear and glue it to the center of the cave you cut. Now give the children small pieces of tissue paper and let them glue it around the outside of the cave. Explain to them that bears hibernate all through the winter.

Coffee Bear 
Added: 02-22-1998 
Submitted By: Susan

Need: Tan paper, Glue, Coffee grounds Or crushed gram crackers, and Scissors.

Directions: First Print a bear pattern out on Tan paper. Then cover the paper with Glue. Let the children sprinkle on the Coffee / Gram crackers onto the bear. Cut it out for a great smelling bear!

Cinnamon Bear 
Added: 08-08-1998 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: Simple bear shape, cinnamon, sugar, liquid glue

Directions: Mix sugar and cinnamon. Have older children cut out bear shape. Children can place glue anywhere on the bear and add cinnamon and sugar mixture.

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