Library : Bugs

Added: 09-09-1998

Monarch Butterflies and Moths  by Still, John
Amazing Butterflies and moths  by Lavies, Bianca 
An Insect’s Body  by Cole, Joanna. 
Billy’s Beetle  by Inkpen, Mick 
Mama Bird, Baby Bird’s  by Johnson, Angela.
I Have a Pet  by Halpern, Shari. 
In My Mother’s Garden  by Madenski, Melissa. 
The very Hungry Caterpillar  by Carle, Eric 

More Bug Books 
Added: 03-27-2000 
Submitted by: Barbara

Miss Spider’s Tea Party  by David Kirk
The Grouchy Ladybug  by Eric Carle
Charlie the Caterpillar  by Dom DeLuise

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