12 Gingerbread Songs for Preschoolers

Get into the holiday spirit with this collection of 12 gingerbread songs perfect for preschoolers. These fun, interactive songs feature familiar gingerbread man characters and catchy rhythms that will have children singing, dancing, and acting them out. From fingerplays to call and response songs, these gingerbread tunes are easy to learn and full of opportunities for movement and participation. Children will love pretending to stir, roll, cut, and bake gingerbread while singing along. This baker’s dozen of gingerbread songs lyrics is sure to spread holiday cheer in your classroom or home. For more festive tunes, explore our winter songs collection for preschoolers.

Top Gingerbread Songs for Preschool Kids:

Five Little Gingerbread

This engaging counting song teaches preschoolers about numbers and subtraction in a fun way. Children act out the story of gingerbread men disappearing one by one from the tray, combining learning with physical movement. Explore more counting with our number songs for preschool.

Original Author: Unknown

5 Little gingerbread men on the tray,
(place 5 fingers of one hand onto the open palm of the other hand–the tray.)
One jumped up and ran away.
(“run” one finger away)
Catch me, Oh catch me, Oh catch me if you can!
I’m pretty fast, I am the gingerbread man!

4 Little gingerbread men on the tray,
(4 fingers on the tray….etc.)
One jumped up and ran away.
Catch me, Oh catch me, Oh catch me if you can!
I’m pretty fast, I am the gingerbread man!

Continue to zero…

No little gingerbread men on the tray
I will have to bake more on another day!

Gingerbread Boy / Girl

A delightful song that celebrates diversity and encourages children to identify with the gingerbread character. It includes simple actions like jumping, twirling, and blowing kisses, making it a great choice for developing motor skills and coordination.

Original Author: Unknown

I’m a little gingerbread boy. (Boys bow.)
I’m a little gingerbread girl. (Girls bow.)
I can jump, (All jump.)
And I can twirl. (All turn around.)

I have raisins (Point to eyes.)
For my eyes,
And bright red buttons (Point to buttons down chest.)
Just this size.

I have a mouth,
It looks like this. (Point to smiling mouth.)
I can even
Blow a kiss. (Blow a kiss.)

I’m warm and tasty,
But don’t eat me. (Shake head.)
Hang me on
Your Christmas tree! (Put hands over head.)

a group of gingerbread kids in a magical gingerbread world is ready. It depicts a whimsical scene with gingerbread kids engaging in playful activities in a festive, imaginative candy land, capturing the wonder and joy of a child's imagination during the holiday season.


Set to the tune of “10 Little Indians,” this song is perfect for teaching counting in a playful and rhythmic manner. It’s a fun way to engage children in learning numbers while singing about gingerbread kids.

Original Author: Unknown

Sung to: “10 Little Indians”

One little, two little, three little gingerkids.
Four little, five little, six little gingerkids.
Seven little, eight little, nine little gingerkids.
Ten little gingerbread kids

Five Gingerbread Men

A whimsical song that combines counting with a storyline of gingerbread men being eaten one by one. It’s interactive, with actions that mimic eating, which helps in developing motor skills and understanding the concept of subtraction.

Original Author: Unknown

Five little gingerbread men in a row (Hold up five fingers, waving back & forth)
Not gonna’ eat one no, no, no. (shake finger and head side to side)
But they look so sweet from head to toe (hand binoculars at eyes touch head then toes)
Crunch, munch…uh oh! (slap thighs on crunch, clap hands on munch, then put hands over mouth on uh oh)
Continue until…

No little gingerbread men in a row
Wasn’t gonna’ eat one, no, no, no
But they looked so sweet that it’s sad to tell (binoculars on sweet, then
index fingers run down cheeks to represent tears on sad)
Crunch.. munch… oh well! (slap thighs once, clap once, then throw hands up
and shrug shoulders)

Watch Me Run

A lively song set to the tune of “Jingle Bells,” encouraging children to run and move around like a gingerbread kid. This song is excellent for physical activity and for teaching the concepts of speed and direction.

Original Author: Unknown

Sung to: “Jingle Bells”

Watch me run, watch me run
All around the room.
I’m the little Gingerbread Kid.
See me zoom, zoom, zoom,
Running here, running there,
Running fast and slow.
I’m the little Gingerbread Kid.
See how I can go!

The Gingerbread Cookie

A creative twist on the classic “Itsy Bitsy Spider,” this song takes children through the baking process of a gingerbread cookie. It’s an excellent tool for teaching sequence and for stimulating the senses through imaginative play.

Original Author: Unknown

Sung to: “The Itsy Bitsy Spider”

The gingerbread cookie went into the oven,
To bake and bake till done.
The timer ticked, the cookie rose,
Its yummy smell filled up my nose.
The gingerbread cookie went into the oven,

To bake and bake till done.

It shows a group of diverse children (Caucasian, Hispanic, Black, Asian) in a cozy kitchen setting, looking surprised and curious. They are searching for the Gingerbread Man who has just escaped from the oven. The oven door is open, with a hint of the Gingerbread Man's trail leading out the door. The kitchen is warmly lit and decorated with festive holiday decor, conveying a sense of Christmas cheer.

Explore the Adventures of the Gingerbread Man: A Special Collection of Songs

Bring the classic gingerbread man story to life through song! This special collection features joyful tunes that let preschoolers join in the fun chase while building critical developmental skills. From acting out the story through movement to exploring recipe ingredients through fingerplay, these gingerbread-themed songs foster sequencing, motor coordination, following directions, and imagination. Upbeat, repetitive verses set to familiar melodies like “Wheels on the Bus” get little voices singing along as they absorb key concepts. Whether used in circle time or as part of a baking theme, these gingerbread songs add a dash of spice to preschool learning.

The Gingerbread Man

Experience the thrilling chase of the gingerbread man through town, with each verse introducing a new character in pursuit. This song is perfect for teaching sequencing and story-telling skills.

Original Author: Unknown

Sung to: “Wheels on the Bus”

The gingerbread man ran through the town,
Through the town, through the town.
The gingerbread man ran through the town,
Singing, “You’ll never catch me.”

He ran away from a cow,
Cow, cow
He ran away from a cow,
Singing, “You will never catch me.”

He ran away from a sheep,
Sheep, sheep
He ran away from a sheep without a peep,
Singing, “You will never catch me.”

He ran away from a dog,
Dog, dog
He ran away from a dog,
Singing, “You will never catch me.”

Then he came to a fox,
Fox, fox
The fox sat on a box and said,
“You can trust me”
Then he ate him, yes sir – ee.

a joyful and whimsical scene with diverse preschool children singing and dancing around a gingerbread boy in a festively decorated kitchen, capturing the magic and fun of the holiday season.

Gingerbread Boy Song

Join in the playful rhyme and rhythm as the gingerbread boy evades being eaten. This song encourages fast-paced singing and action, perfect for developing speech and motor skills.

Original Author: Unknown

Sung to: “Row, Row, Row, Your Boat”

Eat, eat, your Gingerbread Boy,
Before he runs away.
Faster, faster, faster please,
Don’t let him get away!

Catch, catch the Gingerbread Boy,
Catch him, yes, today.
Faster, faster, faster still,
For he has run away.

Say bye-bye to the
Gingerbread Boy.
Say good-bye today.
Say so long for he is gone.
The fox ate him today.

Gingerbread Man Fingerplay

Engage in interactive fingerplay that takes children through the process of making gingerbread men. This song is ideal for teaching following directions and fine motor coordination.

Original Author: Unknown

Stir a bowl of gingerbread (stir as in a bowl)
Smooth and spicy brown
Roll it with a rolling pin (roll as if with a rolling pin)
Up and up and down
With a cookie cutter (pretend to cut cookie)
Make some little men.
Put them in the oven (put pan in the oven)
Until half past ten.

Enhance this song with our Disney theme arts and crafts for kids.

The Gingerbread Man

Sing along with the gingerbread man’s catchy refrain, encouraging children to move and run like the character. This song is great for physical activity and imagination.

Original Author: Unknown

Sung to: “The Muffin Man”

Oh, do you know the Gingerbread Man,
Gingerbread Man, Gingerbread Man?
Oh, do you know the Gingerbread Man,
Who ran and ran and ran?

He said, “Catch me if you can,
If you can, if you can.”
He said, “Catch me if you can,”
Then ran and ran and ran.

I can run like the Gingerbread Man.
Gingerbread Man, Gingerbread Man.
I can run like the Gingerbread Man,
Now catch me if you can.

Where is my Gingerbread Man?

A playful song that explores the gingerbread man’s adventure, perfect for teaching questioning and curiosity.

Original Author: Unknown

Sung to: “Oh where has my little dog gone?”

Oh where, oh where is my Gingerbread Man?
Oh where, oh where can he be?
He popped out of the oven and ran out the door.
Oh where, oh where can he be?

Gingerbread Chant

A simple yet engaging chant that celebrates both gingerbread boys and girls. This chant is excellent for teaching rhythm and beat.

Original Author: Unknown

Gingerbread boy-Looks so neat!
Gingerbread boy-smells so sweet!
Gingerbread boy-tasty treat!

Gingerbread girl-Looks so nice!
Gingerbread girl-Smells like spice!
Gingerbread girl-Tastes so nice!

Each song in this collection not only brings joy and entertainment but also aids in developing various preschool skills, from language development to physical coordination. Enjoy singing, dancing, and learning with the gingerbread man!

a vibrant and festive classroom scene with diverse children engaging in holiday activities, creating a cheerful and imaginative atmosphere typical of the holiday season in a preschool setting.

These 12 festive gingerbread songs are perfect for bringing holiday spirit into preschool classrooms. Children will love the playful lyrics, catchy rhythms, and opportunities for active participation through movement and imagination. Educators are encouraged to utilize this baker’s dozen of tunes to develop students’ motor skills and listening abilities while spreading seasonal joy. For more holiday cheer, check out our preschool Christmas songs. We hope you have enjoyed this compilation and welcome your feedback on using these gingerbread songs with your class. Please share which song proves the most popular so we can provide more recommendations to continue engaging preschoolers through music.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some popular gingerbread songs for preschoolers?

These 12 fun gingerbread songs incorporate classic tunes like “The Muffin Man,” “Jingle Bells,” and “10 Little Indians” with new festive lyrics perfect for preschool-aged kids. From “Five Little Gingerbread” to “Gingerkids” Counting Song, they build essential learning skills through imaginative play. The favorite seems to be “The Gingerbread Man” remix that recreates his adventures!

What early childhood development skills do gingerbread songs teach?

Our gingerbread songs for preschoolers help build counting, fine motor skills, following multi-step directions, creative thinking, listening abilities, rhythm, and sequencing skills. The interactive lyrics get kids singing, dancing, and using their imagination during the winter holiday season.

When can I use gingerbread man kids songs in the classroom?

These preschool gingerbread songs are multipurpose! Use them in your circle time lessons, as festive brain breaks, or during baking themed activities. The repetition makes them perfect for transition times. You could start your day with our circle time hello songs and then introduce these songs later in the day.

Where can I find recordings of preschool holiday songs?

While we do not have recordings or sheet music for these specific gingerbread tune lyrics, most are set to universally known winter melody lines like “Jingle Bells.” Play the instrumentals so students can singalong!

What musical instruments can we incorporate with gingerbread songs?

Triangle, bells, rhythm sticks, tambourines, jingle bells, and sand blocks make great musical accompaniments for gingerbread songs. Let children take turns playing instruments to keep them engaged.

What are some activities we can do after singing the gingerbread songs?

After singing, let imagination run wild by having a gingerbread parade, making gingerbread crafts, pretending to bake gingerbread in the dramatic play kitchen, or reading gingerbread stories. Children can also hunt for a ‘runaway’ gingerbread man hidden in the classroom.

What other themed kids songs do you recommend for winter?

In addition to these gingerbread preschool songs, we have a growing collection of classic and original winter holiday tunes and winter animal themed songs. Contact us to recommend your students’ favorites to expand our preschool song library!

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