20 Best Winter Animal Songs for Preschoolers

The cold winter months provide a magical backdrop for engaging young children with seasonal songs and rhymes about both wildlife in wintry weather as well as animals in cozy hibernation. For a specialized round-up of tunes all about the wonders of hibernation, see our post on 23 hibernation songs for kids. But for now, get ready to spark preschooler creativity with our latest collection of winter animal ditties perfect for frigid frolics. What better way to fuel their imagination than with catchy tunes about the animals and wonders of winter? From a scurrying squirrel to a snoozing bear, these winter animal songs will have kids singing, dancing, and learning all season long.

In this post, you’ll discover a treasure trove of original winter animal songs for preschoolers and young elementary students. These whimsical wintry ditties set to familiar melodies will become cherished parts of your classroom routine. Children will be enthralled as they act out the movements and sounds of Arctic foxes, whistling swans, seals, and more frigid friends.

Beyond the entertainment value, these songs present unique educational opportunities. As young ones mimic animal behaviors and migration patterns, they absorb new vocabulary and concepts effortlessly. Themes of caring for wildlife, celebrating natural beauty, and embracing seasonal change also shine through.

So cuddle up with some hot cocoa, and get ready to fill your classroom or home with joy this winter. Our round-up of 20 original winter animal songs for kids promises giggles, snuggles, and lots of unforgettable learning moments. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

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Scurry Squirrel

This song is perfect for teaching young children about the busy lives of these furry creatures as they gather and store food for the colder months.

Original Author: Unknown

Sung to: “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”

Scurry squirrels and don’t be slow.
Winters coming, Don’t you know?
Scamper, scamper all around.
Bury treasure in the ground.
Scurry Squirrels and don’t be slow.
Winters coming, don’t you know?

Mr. Raccoon

A charming and engaging narrative about a nocturnal animal’s winter experience. It’s an excellent tool for introducing the concept of hibernation and animal behavior during the cold season in a way that resonates with preschoolers.

Original Author: Unknown

Sung to: “Frere Jacques”

Are you sleeping, are you sleeping?
Mr. Raccoon, Mr. Raccoon.
All the snow is falling, all the snow is falling.
Seep, sleep, snooze; Sleep, sleep, snooze.
Repeat with Mr. Bear, Mr. Snake, etc..

Little Bird

This heartwarming melody brings to life the story of a resilient bird braving the winter. It’s an excellent conversation starter about caring for wildlife and the importance of kindness towards animals during the harsh winter months.

Original Author: Unknown

Sung to: “Up on the housetop”

Most of the bird have gone away
On this cold, dark winter day,
But here is one bird I can see.
Looking for something to eat.
Little bird, I’ll feed you
Till the cold winter’s through
And all your friends come back to play,
On some bright and warm spring day.

Feed the Birds

An endearing song that encourages compassion and empathy towards birds during the winter. It presents an engaging way for children to learn about the importance of helping animals when food is scarce.

Original Author: Unknown

Sung to: “Row, row, row your boat”

Feed, feed, feed the birds
In the wintertime.
When the days are dark and cold,
Food is hard to find.

Feed, feed, feed the birds
Till the spring has come.
Scatter birdseed on the snow.
Feeding birds is fun!

Winter’s Coming!

An evocative song that captures the essence of winter’s arrival. It’s an excellent educational tool for teaching about the changing seasons and how both animals and humans adapt to the colder months.

Original Author: Unknown

Sung to: “Frere Jacques”

Winter’s coming. Winter’s coming.
It is dark. It is cold.
I am bundled snug and warm.
Animals sleep safe from harm.
Sleds and snow.
Cold winds blow.

The Cheerful Chipmunk

Sung to: “The Farmer in the Dell”

Cheerful chipmunk in the snow,
Gathering nuts, to and fro.
In the winter, crisp and clear,
You prepare for all the year.

Cheek pouches full, oh so round,
In the snowy woods, you’re found.
Chip, chip, chipmunk, so small and quick,
Through the winter, thick and slick.

Nestled in your cozy den,
Waiting for spring to come again.
Cheerful chipmunk, so lively and bright,
In the winter’s soft white light.

Grizzly Bear

A playful and educational tune taking children on a journey through a bear’s winter habits. This song is a fantastic way to make learning about hibernation and the arrival of spring fun and engaging.

Original Author: Unknown

Sung to: “Frere Jacque”

Are you sleeping? Are you sleeping?
Grizzly Bear, Grizzly bear,
In your winter jacket, in your winter jacket,
Made of hair, made of hair.

Are you waking, Are you waking?
Grizzly bear, Grizzly Bear,
Winter time is over, winter time is over,
Sniff the air, sniff the air.

Are you searching? Are you searching?
Grizzly Bear Grizzly Bear,
New spring plants are sprouting, new spring plants are sprouting
Everywhere, Everywhere

Marco the Polar Bear

An engaging and interactive song, complete with actions, that introduces children to the life of a polar bear. It’s a fantastic way to teach kids about Arctic animals and their environment in a fun manner.

Original Author: Unknown

Marco the Polar Bear, (make circle in front of body with arms)
White as the snow, (extend out arms proudly)
Sat down on the ice (sit down)
Near the cold water’s flow. (shiver)
“Lunch! I need lunch” he said; (rub stomach)
“I’ll make a wish.” (put hands together to make wish)
He stuck in his paw (put right hand down)
And came up with a fish! (hold up right hand and smile)

I Wish I Were a Walrus

A playful and imaginative song that allows children to explore the life of a walrus through song and movement. This creative approach is perfect for encouraging interest in different wildlife species in an enjoyable way.

Original Author: Unknown

I wish I were a Walrus A waddling on the shore.
I’d say, “Move over, here I come!”
And bellow out a “ROAR!”
I wish I were a Walrus A basking in the sun.
I’d flap my flippers, oh so loud To show I’m number one!
I wish I were a Walrus A strutting all my stuff.
If anybody picked on me I’d show them my big tusks!

Dancing Penguin

This playful song brings to life a little penguin waddling and dancing on an icy shore. It’s an engaging way for children to learn about the playful nature of penguins, encouraging them to explore movement and physical expression while also gaining an appreciation for wildlife.s.

Sung to: “The Wheels on the Bus”

Waddle, waddle, little penguin,
On the icy shore so fine.
Dancing through the snowy land,
In a straight, adorable line.

Flap your wings and twirl around,
In the chilly, breezy air.
Waddle, waddle, little penguin,
Dancing free without a care.

The Snowy Owl

Evoking the serene image of a snowy owl in flight under the moonlight, this song introduces children to the intriguing world of nocturnal animals. It helps them understand and appreciate the silent, magical beauty of nature at night.

Sung to: “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”

Hoot, hoot, in the night,
Snowy owl takes its flight.
Soaring high in the moon’s soft glow,
Over the land covered in snow.

Eyes so bright, feathers so white,
In the silent night, a magical sight.
Hoot, hoot, snowy owl in flight,
Gracefully gliding in the night.

The Arctic Fox

This song playfully explores the life of an Arctic fox, highlighting its quick, sly nature and its ability to camouflage in the snow. It’s a wonderful way to educate children about animal adaptation to environments and the fascinating behaviors of Arctic wildlife.

Sung to: “Mary Had a Little Lamb”

Little Arctic fox, so sly and quick,
Through the snow, you lightly pick.
Your fur so white, you blend right in,
A game of hide and seek you’ll win.

Pounce and play in the snowy land,
Leaving tiny prints in the sand.
Arctic fox, clever and swift,
In the winter snow, you drift.

The Snowshoe Hare

The song portrays a snowshoe hare hopping through a winter landscape, offering insights into its unique adaptation to cold environments. It teaches children about animal survival strategies during winter and the beauty of seasonal changes in nature.

Sung to: “Bingo”

Hop, hop, snowshoe hare,
Bounding here and there.
Through the winter woods, you leap,
In the snow, so cold and deep.

Your coat turns white, so hard to see,
As you hop by the frozen tree.
Hop, hop, snowshoe hare,
In the winter wonderland you fare.

The Winter Deer

This gentle tune describes a graceful deer moving softly through the snowy landscape. It introduces children to the concept of animal migration and adaptation to different seasons, fostering a sense of respect and wonder for wildlife.

Sung to: “London Bridge is Falling Down”

Gentle deer in the snow,
Graceful as you softly go.
Antlers high against the sky,
In the winter, you’re not shy.

Through the trees, you quietly tread,
Over the hills, you lightly head.
Gentle deer, so calm and dear,
In the snowy landscape, you appear.

The Playful Seals

Illustrating the lively antics of seals in winter waters, this song educates about marine life and the importance of play in the animal kingdom. It’s a fun way to introduce children to different marine species and their behaviors.

Sung to: “If You’re Happy and You Know It”

Splish, splash, playful seals,
In the winter waters, you reveal.
Twirling, swirling, diving deep,
In the cold sea, you leap.

On the icy shore, you rest,
Under the winter sun, you’re blessed.
Splish, splash, in the sea,
Playful seals, wild and free.

The Mighty Moose

Focused on the majestic moose roaming the snowy forest, this song is an engaging way to teach children about various wildlife species and their unique characteristics. It encourages respect for nature and curiosity about different animals.

Sung to: “Old MacDonald Had a Farm”

Mighty moose with antlers wide,
Through the snowy forest, you stride.
Tall and strong, you roam with pride,
In the winter chill, you don’t hide.

Eating twigs, so calm and composed,
In your winter coat, you’re enclosed.
Mighty moose, so grand and tall,
In the winter woods, you enthrall.

The Snow Leopard

Capturing the elegance of the snow leopard, this song describes its silent and agile movements in the snowy mountains. It’s a creative way to introduce children to rare animals and their extraordinary adaptations to harsh environments.

Sung to: “The Itsy Bitsy Spider”

Silent paws on the mountain high,
Snow leopard, oh how you fly.
Leaping rocks, so agile and fleet,
In the winter cold, you’re elite.

Your spotted coat blends so well,
In the snowy cliffs, where you dwell.
Silent, graceful, and so discreet,
Snow leopard, you’re so complete.

The Mountain Goat

This song describes a mountain goat navigating rocky cliffs, emphasizing its strength and agility. It’s an excellent tool to teach children about the resilience and adaptability of animals in mountainous terrains.

Sung to: “I’m a Little Teapot”

On the rocky cliff, the mountain goat,
In your winter coat, you float.
Climbing high, where eagles soar,
On the snowy peaks, you explore.

Sure-footed, brave, and free,
In the mountains, you’re meant to be.
Mountain goat, so strong and bold,
In the winter chill, you never fold.

The Winter Fox

Illustrating the journey of a red fox in a snowy landscape, this song combines the themes of cunning and survival. It’s a playful way to educate children about how animals adapt their hunting strategies to different environments.

Sung to: “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”

Red fox in the snow,
Through the woods, you stealthily go.
Searching for your next meal,
With cleverness and zeal.

Your fur, a fiery hue,
Stands out against the snow so blue.
Red fox, cunning and sly,
Under the wintry sky.

The Whistling Swan

Featuring a whistling swan on a frozen lake, this song portrays the elegance and beauty of this majestic bird. It’s a beautiful way to introduce children to different bird species and their unique characteristics.

Sung to: “Hush, Little Baby”

Whistling swan on the frozen lake,
A graceful dance, you undertake.
Gliding through the icy blue,
In the winter, you’re a view.

With feathers white and neck so long,
In the cold, you sing your song.
Whistling swan, so elegant and grand,
In the winter wonderland, you stand.

These winter animal songs spark creativity and deliver educational value for young learners. The catchy melodies, charming lyrics, and opportunities for movement and roleplay engage preschool and early elementary students meaningfully. Children revel in the imaginative storylines while effortlessly increasing their vocabulary and grasp of science concepts.

This collection of 20 original wintry tunes covers a diverse array of Arctic and hibernating creatures. Young ones will be delighted as they dramatize the antics of walruses, mountain goats, snow leopards, and more icy friends. These songs can be sung as kids cozy up for storytime or incorporated into classroom routines all season long. Either way, their sense of wonder and compassion for wildlife will continue to grow.

As the cold winds blow and snowflakes start to fall, gather children close and press play on these whimsical winter animal songs. Enjoy watching little eyes light up with each new fuzzy friend and frosty adventure they meet!

Frequently Asked Questions

What age are these winter animal songs appropriate for?

These lighthearted wintry tunes are perfectly suited for preschool through early elementary school children, approximately ages 3-8. The cute animal characters, repetition, and high-energy rhythms appeal greatly to this age range.

Do you need any musical talent or instruments?

Not at all! Each original song includes common nursery rhyme tunes that even musically-challenged grownups can carry. And no instruments are necessary beyond your little one’s sweet singing voices.

Can parents use these too?

Absolutely! In addition to classroom and daycare use, parents will love building anticipation for the holidays and cuddling up by the fireplace to these tunes. They make cozy additions to your at-home winter traditions.

What learning concepts are covered?

Alongside fostering creativity and imagination, these winter songs introduce vocabulary for Arctic animals and weather. Listening also strengthens pre-reading skills. The sequences and cause/effect in the lyrics build early narrative comprehension too.

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