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Counting Peas in a Pod 
Added: 03-02-2000 
Original Author: Unknown

Counting peas in a pod.  Show the children a pea pod and a single pea.  Have them guess how many peas they think are inside.  Open the pea pod and count the number of peas.  Check the children’s predictions.   Give each child his own pea pod.  Let the children open them and count the number of peas inside. Which had the most?  The least?  The same?  Make a graph of the number of peas in the pods.

Green Water 
Added: 03-02-2000 
Original Author: Unknown

-glass of clear water (works good in a clear plastic glass)
-green food coloring

Have a glass of clear water and green food coloring.  Talk about what color the water is.  (Probably clear or no color.)  Add a little bit of green food coloring.  Watch what happens.  Have the children describe what is happening to the water.  After it is all diffused, discuss what color the water is. “Light green.”  Add a little more food coloring.  Continue until the water has changed to “Dark green.”

-Instead of using the same glass of water and adding more and more food coloring each time, use several different glasses and add more food coloring to each successive glass of water.  When finished, the water in the glasses will range from light to dark green.

Other Variations:
-Have children count aloud the number of drops you add to the water
-Use several different glasses of water.  Ask children to tell you which colors to add to water to make green. Use as an extension after children have mixed blue and yellow paint)

Added: 03-02-2000 
Original Author: Unknown

Experiment with combining colors–blue and yellow fingerpaint; blue and yellow colored water and medicine droppers; blue and yellow playdough.

Added: 03-02-2000 
Original Author: Unknown

Plant grass seed.

Green Shaker Bottle 
Added: 03-02-2000 
Original Author: Unknown

supplies you’ll need:
water bottle (remove paper label)
green food coloring
St. Pats sparklies (I found shamrock shapes at Walmart)
strong clear tape

Sensory Table…  
Added: 03-02-2000 
Original Author: Unknown

Fill the sensory table with shaving cream tinted green by using tempera paint.  Add green glitter to the table.

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