Science & Sensory: Flowers & Plants

Added: 03-01-2001 
Original Author: Unknown

Have children sponge paint the outside of a styrofoam cup. After it dries, fill it with potting soil and plant sunflower seeds. If you have room in your classroom, grow them at school. As a group activity, show what happens if you don’t water, what happens if you don’t have light. Place several plants away from the light and watch how plants reach for the light.

Flower Arranging 
Added: 03-01-2001 
Original Author: Unknown

Buy an assortment of plastic or silk flowers and put them in your water table filled with sand. Put little plastic pots and toy shovels, watering can, etc…

Colored Flowers 
Added: 03-01-2001 
Original Author: Unknown

Put cold water into three glasses and add drops of food coloring to each. Stand white flowers in each glass. After a few days the petals will start to change color.
Leave for two more days and the flowers will be the same color as the water
they’re standing in. Ask the children why this happens. Get the children to record the experiment by drawing what they saw.

Planting Without The Mess 
Added: 05-26-2003 
Submitted By: Robin Bryson

1. You need One small terra cotta pot.
2. One bag a beans.
3. A flower, cut to fit in the pot (One with a wide stem is  best)
4. Stickers
5. Marker

The kids are given a flower pot and some stickers to decorate it.  Once they are done decorating they can fill up their pot with beans and then you can give them the cut flower and they can plant it in their pot.  When they are finished putting the flower in you can write their name on the flower pot.

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