Games & Outdoors : Weather

Blowing Activity 
Added: 04-05-1999 
Original Author: Unknown

Set up a wind table by taping blocks around the edge of the table and then forming a maze with more blocks inside. The children then try to blow feathers, cotton balls, etc. through the maze with straws.

Streamer Tag 
Added: 03-23-2000 
Original Author: Unknown

Give each child a paper or fabric streamer to play with outside in the wind. Have them hold it up and then let it go. You can also enjoy a game of streamer tag where they tag someone with their streamer instead of their hand.

Cooperation Game 
Added: 02-23-2003 
Original Author: Unknown

Let your children work together to create this rainbow on the floor. Ask your children to look around the room, collect all the red objects in a pile. Repeat with the remaining 5 rainbow colors. Then let your children arrange the objects on the floor in a rainbow shape. First have them put all the red objects in a big arch, then the yellow objects under them and so on, until the rainbow is completed.

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