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The Parents’ & Teachers’ Guide to Helping Young Children Learn : Creative Ideas from 35 Respected Experts

Review by: Christa Koch of Preschool Education .Com

I recently had the pleasure of reading several wonderful and informative book from Preschool Publications. See Below for 2 others. This is a must-have book for teachers, parents, and anyone who has contact with a preschooler’s life. This book explains how children learn. From reading and writing to science and more. There are even suggestions of activities to do with children and much more. Then review below from Parents News really sums up anything I could say about this book.
      The articles are readable, concise and full of ideas. Parents, teachers, and child care providers can easily look up an area of interest. They will find a theoretical discussion about the issue with practical ideas for dealing with it….This is the beauty of the book…. It draws from the everyday activities that go on in home or in preschool settings. It connects the two and explains how everyday activities prepare the child. Each section includes a list of references, relevant books and activities…. The philosophy of child development behind these articles is one that needs to be reiterated for every generation of parents. It views children as curious and parents as having an important role in satisfying their curiosity. Children are seen as seeking to explore their world and to understand how it works. Parents — following their children’s explorations and understanding how children develop — expand their children’s experiences.

Review by:
Parent News for June 1997, published by the National Parent Information Network (NPIN) Book review by by Harriet Heath, Director of The Parent Center, Thorne School Child Study Institute, Bryn Mawr College, PA 

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