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Color Turkey Feathers 
Added: 09-28-1998 
Original Author Unknown

Mr. Turkey was so sad.
He lost the feathers he once had.
Now he wants us to help him find
all the feathers of his kind.

We will look both high and low,
we will find them, don’t you know.
Here’s a red one and a blue.
Look, we’ve found a green one too.

Here’s an orange one and a yellow
soon he’ll be a feathered fellow.
Now we’ve found the purple one,
Black and white-we’re almost done.

If we just look up and down,
I know we’ll find the feather brown.
Now Mr. Turkey is so glad,
We found the feathers he once had.

Make the Feather Pieces. Enough so that each kid has one.

Turkey Feather 
Added: 10-22-2001 
Original Author Unknown

Cut five turkey body shapes out of brown felt and fifteen feather shapes out of red,  yellow and orange felt. Number the turkey body shapes from 1 to 5 and put them on a flannel board. Place the feather shapes in a pike. To play the game, have the children take turns selecting a turkey, identifying the number on it and adding that many feathers to it.

Five Fat Turkeys 
Added :11-06-2001 
Submitted by: Jennifer Bradley

Cut 5 turkeys, a tree, and a “cook” from felt to use with the finger-play:

Five fat turkeys are we-e.
We slept all night in the tree-e.
When the cook came around we were not to be found,
And that’s why we’re here you see!

Four fat turkeys are we-e….. and it continues on. The children can take turns placing the turkeys in and out of the tree!

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