Bulletin Boards : Birthdays

Added: 03-01-1999 
Original Author: Unknown

Make a large birthday cake from construction paper. Have each child draw, color and cut out a candle from Const. paper. Write their names and birth dates on the candle and glue to the cake.

A Bushel Of Birthdays! 
Added: 06-07-2001 
Submitted by: April Heaton

This is a board to use in the fall. Create a basket out of brown construction paper. Then make red apples with the child’s birthday on it . When ready to hang put some of the apples in the basket and let the others fall around as if the basket was to full . Above hang   “A Bushel of Birthdays “

Cup Cakes 
Added: 08-10-2001 
Submitted by: Jeanne

Staple any colored paper to board. Cut out one cupcake shape for each month. I varied the color of cupcake liner and frosting. I added confetti for “sprinkles” and a paper candle. I labeled each cupcake with a month I placed them on the b. board leaving enough room to staple each child’s name and birth date. As we celebrated each birthday I hung the child’s birthday photo near their name. We celebrate half birthdays for summer birthdays.

 Ice Cream Cones 
Added: 05-21-2002 
Original Author: Unknown

One “cone” (brown triangle) for every month. 
Make each child an ice cream scoop for their birthdays and attached them to the appropriate month cone. 
Some cones will have 3 scoops and others have none. 

Added: 09-07-2004 
Submitted By: Rose Cox

Create a giant clown for your bulletin board with his arm out, holding a bunch of balloons, (12). Use one balloon shape for each month and write the children’s names and birthdays on the appropriate month.

Birthday Toast 
Added: 10-04-2004 
Submitted By: Shannon

Cut out pieces of toast from brown construction paper, one for each child. On the toast write the child’s Birthday and name. Spread the toast out across the board with the caption ” A special toast just for you, hip hip horary it’s your birthday.”

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