Dramatic Play : Food > Pizza

Added: 01-09-2000 
Original Author: Unknown

To make the dramatic play area into a Pizzeria—Get a few different sized pizza boxes (small, med, and large) from a pizza restaurant and the cardboard circles they put pizzas “to go” on.  Cut red felt circles to match the cardboard circles.  Cut some circles into slices.  Cut up some white yarn for mozzarella cheese, beige felt mushrooms, reddish brown felt blobs for sausage, red felt circles dotted with black marker for pepperoni,  green felt in the shape of sliced green peppers, black felt circles for olives.  Make some menus with these items drawn on in felt pen and the words for them and small med. and large and prices. Use a play cash register, phone, pens and pads, aprons, cooks hats, etc.

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