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Jazzbo and Googy
By Matt Novak

Review by: Lori Plach

Sometimes trying too hard doesn’t lead to success but leads to disaster. This is the story of a poor little pig named Googy who has great difficulty in making friends. Jazzbo has a best friend, his teddy bear who does everything with him. Googy tries to interfere with Jazzbo and Big Bear’s playtime including painting, cake making, sliding, playing in the sand and swinging. No matter what Goody tries, he makes a mess!

     When Big Bear falls into the mud, Googy draws on his own vast personal experience with soap and water and helps. Jazzbo and Googy become the best of friends through sharing activities with Big Bear included. Jazzbo helps Googy learn how to mix a cake without making a big mess. Googy teaches Jazzbo how to swing very high. It makes little difference what they do as they discover that everything is more fun when shared with a friend.

     This is an excellent story about friendship. Its very appealing and humorous storyline will add to the delight of small children. This is very appropriate for 2 to 6 year olds.

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