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Sesame Street: “C” is for Cookie; Cookies Favorite Songs

Review by: Yvonne Gaudet

     The big furry blue monster that children young and old have grown to love brings us his collection of favorite Sesame Street songs. Each of the fourteen songs on this CD is sung in whole or in part by Cookie Monster himself. Just like preschoolers, cookie Monster loves his cookies. Not only does he love eating them, he loves singing about them as well! You will be amused to hear these songs as they all surround one main topic, the only topic Cookie likes to talk about, cookies of course. “C” is for Cookie, “If Moon was Cookie”, “Gingerbread Man”, and “Me Gotta Be Blue” are a few of the songs that Cookie shares with the listener. Entertaining, and educational at the same time, this CD is a great way to tell a preschooler how much you care for them. Enjoy it, as I’m sure you will!

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