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Dog Breath
By Dav Pilkey

Review by: Lori Plach

Bad breath can be a problem throughout one’s life. No one knows why. This is a case where having bad breath really pays off in the end. Hally is a cute, little dog who has become a part of the Tosis family. He is good little dog who has a huge problem. Horrible things happen whenever he opens his mouth. The goldfish swims upside down and the Mona Lisa in the painting on the wall holds her nose. Even the skunks take offense to the horrific smell.

      Mr and Mrs Tosis decide to give Hally away to a good home. The Tosis children want to keep their dog and go through great lengths in order to do so. They take him to a high mountain for a breathtaking view. They take him to a movie theater where there is a very exciting movie which they hope will leave Hally breathless. Instead of turning out they would like, the actors on the screen must hold their noses because Hally is in the theater. They take him on a speedy roller coaster, but instead of him losing his breath he breathes on all the other children on the ride making them sick. Sad that not of these things have worked, the Tosis children begin to cry. They are well aware of the fact that they wouldn’t be able to keep their dog anymore. 

     Hally Tosis has one last chance that night. Two burglars break into the Tosis house. The seemingly cute little dog packed a mighty powerful kiss for the burglars. The two burglars are knocked out cold by
“Dog Breath.” The Tosis family receives a reward for catching the crooks. The Tosis family also realizes that Hally Tosis is the top crime-fighting dog in the country.

      This sensational book written by Dav Pilkey has a remarkable story line and very entertaining illustrations. There is plenty of play-on-words throughout the book. Man’s best friend is taken to another level with protecting its master. 

     “Dog Breath” will be sure to take your breath away and have you laughing. 

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