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Over Lapping Mice 
Added: 09-09-2001 
Original Author: Unknown

Read “Mouse Paint” during circle time.  Make three mice out of white construction paper. In the middle of the mouse, cut a large circle.  On the back, paste some red/blue/yellow cellophane over the circle.  The children should be able to see the transparent colors through the circle.  Overlap the different mice and ask the children what colors they see.  Leave the mice out on the discovery table for the children to play with on their own. 

Making Colors 
Added: 09-09-2001 
Original Author: Unknown

Have sheets of cellophane in each of the three primary colors. Give one to each child, and let them look through the sheets to see the world tined different colors. Encourage them to trade colors. Then, invite them to put their color sheets together with other children to look at the new colors they create. Make sure everyone changes partners to see all the different colors.

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