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You’re A Good Sport, Miss Malarkey
By Judy Finchler and Kevin O’Malley

Review by: Yvonne Gaudet

Finding a good coach for the soccer team was hard work. Mr. Wiggins tried but he had problems. Mr. Fitanuff, the gym teacher, took over but he was hard to understand. Then Miss. Malarkey became the coach, and although she didn’t know much about soccer, she was very nice. Miss Malarkey knew that everyone on the team had special talents, like Sean being the fastest runner, and Lauren being a really good kicker. 

     On Saturday, the teams first game day, the parents were really quiet until the other team scored. Then Jimmy got hit with the ball and fell to the ground, and the parents all started screaming and yelling. Babies cried and sleeping Grandpas awoke with a startled look on their faces, everyone was acting crazy! Then Miss Malarkey yelled, “Are you people crazy?” and the game was cancelled!

Things are different now; soccer is much more fun for the children on the league now and all because of Miss malarkey’s coaching! Read this great book and find out how Miss Malarkey solved the problems she encountered as a coach. 

     In this day and age when you hear on the news about parents fighting at their child’s sports games, a book comes along like this one that puts fun into perspective for both parent and child. I recommend this book for ages 2- 10. Enjoy the story and remember to always be a good sport whether you are a participant or a spectator, or Miss Malarkey will have to teach you!

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