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Oliver All Alone
By Christine Harris
Illustrated by: Catherine Walters

Review by: Ellen Dragonetti

Oliver All Alone is a fun story about a curious puppy who is left home all alone on Christmas Eve in a house full of noises and surprises. Oliver All Alone is just scary enough to peak the curiosity of children ages 3-6, but not too frightening as to scare Oliver or your children away! The real fun is following Oliver on his antics and making each special discovery along with him.

     Catherine Walters brings Oliver to life in her beautiful illustrations, and author Christine Harris creates a new holiday tale rich with the lasting memories of Christmas. Children will love helping Oliver investigate each puzzling object until he discovers their true identities, as well as the mysterious sound that puzzles Oliver and keeps occurring with no explanation…….hmm…….???? The delightful surprise ending will bring a big smile to your child’s face as they beg you to “read it again!!!”

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