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Carl’s Christmas
By Alexandra Day

Review by: Ellen Dragonetti

“Take good care of the baby, Carl” is one of only two lines in Carl’s Christmas, the illustrated story of a big, lovable rottweiler named Carl who baby sits for his family’s tot. Alexandra Day has left the precious baby in the very capable “paws” of Carl, the family dog, who proceeds to care for the baby with all the love and attentiveness of Mary Poppins herself.

     The whole catalyst for the story is that the dog is in charge, and children will be enchanted with the idea of a dog as a babysitter. The illustrations are extraordinary-each picture telling its own story, and making the reader a part of it. You never worry or fear for the toddler-instead you carefully check each illustrated page for how Carl is lovingly caring for the baby. Your child will delight in telling you the story as they scan each picture. You can almost hear Carl panting, and the baby squealing with delight. When the two venture out into the cold, crisp, Christmas Eve night air-you are right there with them in front of that beautiful toy store window.

     The sentiment of “tis better to give than receive” rings true in Carl’s Christmas. Just try not to get a lump in your throat, or a tear in your eye-it can’t be done! Children ages 2-8 will love this story, and want to “tell” it again and again-and the fact that Carl gets to see Santa bringing the gifts makes Carl a very, very lucky dog indeed.

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