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The Best Mistake Ever! And Other Stories
By Richard Scarry

Review by: Michelle Van Schepen

Sometimes an honest mistake can be the best mistake’ and a good lesson learned. Richard Scarry’s book, The Best Mistake Ever! And Other Stories, is an easy-to-read selection of three stories of honest mistakes. His delightful character, Huckle the Cat, embarks on three lesson-filled journeys, which teach him the importance of making a mistake and taking responsibility for his actions.

In the first story, “The Best Mistake Ever,” Huckle wants to be Mommy’s little helper by cleaning the house, but his mother suggests he help out by going to the store to get a few items such as butter, cream and potatoes. With the help of his carefree best friend, Lowly Worm, Huckle comes home with peanut butter, ice cream and potato chips. Huckle apologizes for forgetting his mother’s shopping list, but when a few surprise guests arrive, his mistake turns into the best mistake ever.

The second clever story, “A Visit to Mr. Fixit,” teaches Huckle that other people make mistakes too, and sometimes it can work out for the best. Whether it’s a bike bell that coo-coos, or a coo-coo clock that dings, Huckle can thank Mr. Fixit for helping make his Mother’s Day present one of a kind.

     In “Best Friends,” the last story of this charming book, Huckle mistakenly believes he has lost his best friend, Lowly. As he watches Lowly play with another friend, he feels sorry for himself and jumps to the conclusion that he has done something wrong. When he sees the balloons, the cake and hears the class scream, “Surprise,” he now knows that Lowly is the best friend he could ever have.

      The colorfully illustrated pages of, The Best Mistake Ever! And Other Stories, bring each story to life. As you watch the gaze of your child while you are reading this book, you will know that you have chosen a book that speaks to him or her. This book is perfect for children ages three to five, and will teach them that sometimes mistakes make great stories.

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