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Barnyard Dance!
By Sandra Boynton

Review by: Christa J Koch
Owner/ Operator of

Grab your partner a get ready for a fantastic story. “Stomp your feet! Clap your hand! Everybody ready! For a barnyard dance!” This creative story will have you moving and dancing to rhythmic beat of the story. The word rhyme as they dance you through the book. From “bow to the horse, Bow to the cow. Twirl with the pig if you know how.” To “With an oink and a moo and a quack quack quack, the dance is done, but we�ll be back!” Whether you like western dancing or not you will not be able to help yourself from moving your feet and clapping your hand when you read this book to your preschooler. Your young child will be learning animal sounds without even knowing they are learning.

     The book features all types of barnyard animals dancing and promenading. Horses, cows, pigs, sheep, dogs, bunnies, ducks, and chickens just to name a few. The illustrations are absolutely delightful. All the animals are simple yet filled with character. The words are bold and easy to read. This book is a board books. So it is excellent to read with toddlers because it is sturdy.

     I highly recommend this book for preschool children age 1 1/2 and up.

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