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The Little Rabbit Who Wanted Red Wings
By Carolyn Sherwin Bailey

Review by: Karen Shaw

Little Rabbit is a cute little fellow, but he’s unhappy because he wants to be someone else.  He would like a long bushy tail like Mr. Squirrel or bristles like Mr. Porcupine.  One day Mr. Groundhog tells Little Rabbit to go down to the wishing pond, look at himself in the water, turn around three times and his wish will come true.  When Little Rabbit gets to the pond, a small red bird is sitting beside the water.  Of course Little Rabbit wishes for red wings.  He gets his wish, but it takes all day for his wings to grow.  As it gets dark, Little Rabbit tried to find a place to sleep, but everyone was afraid of him.  They’d never seen a rabbit with red wings. Finally Mr. Groundhog invites him to stay, but Little Rabbit has a hard time sleeping on beechnuts!  The next day he tries to fly but lands in a bush of prickles and Mr. Groundhog has to rescue him.  This time Little Rabbit has had enough of his red wings.  He runs to the pond to wish them away.  At last he runs straight home to his mommy who is so happy to see her little rabbit.  And as you can guess, he never wishes to be anyone else again.

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