Theme Days

Make a silly sock! 

Need: Construction paper, scissors, glue, a variety of art materials (such as sequins, beads, pasta, beans, etc…), Glue.

Cut out a pattern of a pair of socks onto construction paper with their color choice. Then, the children use all kinds of art materials to decorate their silly socks.

Try This:

Teddy Bear Hat

Need: a picture of a teddy bear head, Brown construction paper, Crayons, Glue, and Scissors.

Directions: Have the children color a picture of a teddy bear head. About the size of a 8 x 11 page. Then cut strip out of brown construction paper. Make headbands out of the strips. (Either use glue or Tape, remember no stapes near a child’s head.) Cut out the teddy bear head and glue it to the front of the headband. Now the children can be teddy bears too! More…

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