Theme Topics : Baby

Baby Items 

Show the kids different baby items (pacifier, bottle, diaper, formula, newborn clothes, baby wipes, baby food jar etc.).  Ask children what the object is and why it is needed.

Baby Talk

Ask open ended questions to children about babies, such as:

* How do babies get around?
* What kinds of foods should babies eat?
* How do babies tell us what they want or need?
* What kinds of toys are good for babies? What kinds are not?
* What do you remember from when you were a baby?
* Any kids with babies in their house can talk about them.

Putting Baby To Bed 

Need: paper, glue, magazines, scissors

Directions: On white paper, have kids glue a cut out picture (from magazine) of a baby to paper. Older kids may wish to draw their baby.   Then give kids small pieces of felt or fabric to glue over baby as a blanket.  You can also glue a picture of a teddy bear or other stuffed animal for baby to sleep with.   Now baby is already for bed! More…

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