Top Donut Songs for Preschool

What better way to get preschoolers excited about learning than with fun, interactive donut-themed songs? This page features original and classic kids’ songs re-imagined with delicious donuts in mind. From disappearing donut games that teach the alphabet, to songs for counting sprinkled treats, these musical activities will have your students singing, dancing, and engaged. So grab a glass of milk and gather ’round for our top donut songs that are sure to delight little learners. With upbeat tempos and yummy lyrics, these sugary songs are a sweet treat for any preschool classroom.

The Disappearing D-O-N-U-T 

Original Author: Unknown

Sung to: “BINGO”

Make a large donut shape from felt, cutting the donut into five sections.
Glue the letters D-O-N-U-T on the sections. Assemble these on a flannel board
to begin the activity.

I know a treat that has a hole
As you can plainly see.
D-O-N-U-T (Point to letters as you sing.)
Save a bite for me!
CHOMP! (Remove D)

I know a treat that has a hole
As you can plainly see,
(Clap) O-N-U-T (Point to blank space, then letters.)
(Clap) O-N-U-T
(Clap) O-N-U-T
Save a bite for me!
CHOMP! (Remove O)

Continue song, clapping for each section of disappearing donut, pointing to
blank spaces and remaining letters until the donut is all gone.

I know a treat that has a hole,
But now where could it be?
And there’s none left for me!

Delicious Donut’s 

Original Author: Unknown

Sung to: “Frere Jacues”

A dozen donuts, a dozen donuts
That means 12. That means 12.
Chocolate, white or jelly-filled
Ice or sprinkles,
They are delicious. They are delicious.

Dippy Donut Song 

Original Author: Unknown

Sung to: “Baa Baa Black Sheep”

Yum, yum, Donuts.
Chocolate iced,
Glazed and twisted,
Warm and nice.
Cream filled,
Peanuts on the top.
Long John! Jelly!
I can’t stop!
Better than a sticky roll,
Eat them right down to the hole!

Number Donuts 

Original Author: Unknown

Cut out the number of donuts corresponding to the number of 
children you have in your class. Use different colors I used felt 
for the felt board. You could use construction paper and magnet 
tape for a magnet board. Then we recite the following:

Donut Shop
Down on the corner in the Donut Shop
There were (Number of children in the class) little donuts 
with sugar on top.
Along came (child) with the penny to pay and
he took (the color donut) and he ran away!

Then we count the remaining donuts and start again.
Great for color recognition and counting.

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