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Added: 7-16-98 
Original Author: Unknown

Yickity-yackity, yickity-yak,
the yak has a scriffily, scraffily back,
some yaks are brown yaks and some yaks are black,
yickity-yackity, yickity-yak.

Sniggildy-snaggildy, sniggildy-snag,
the yak is all covered with shiggildy-shag;
he walks with a ziggildy-zaggildy-sag,
sniggildy-snaggildy, sniggildy-snag.

Yawning Yaks 
Added: 07-16-1998 
Original Author: Unknown

Five yaks yawned a lot–
(Hold up 5 fingers and yawn.)
Time for bed believe it or not.
(Lay hands aside of face as asleep.)
For your mother you must obey.
(Shake pointy finger.)
And when you get up, just yell yea!
(Jump up and say yea!)

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