11 Preschool Songs About Clothes and Shoes

Dressing ourselves is an important self-care skill for preschoolers to learn. Using catchy songs is a great way to teach young children about clothes and shoes. This page contains 11 original tunes that use fun melodies and repetitive lyrics to reinforce clothing concepts, build vocabulary, and get preschoolers excited about picking out their outfits.

Puttin’ on Mittens 

Original Author: Unknown

Sung to: “The Farmer in the Dell”

The Thumb in the Thumb place
Fingers all together
This is the song we sing
When it is mitten weather.

Dressed in the Morning 

Original Author: Unknown

Sung to: “This is the way”

This is the way we get dressed in the morning, dressed in the morning, dressed in the morning
This is the way we dressed in the morning, so early in the morning!
This is the way we put on our shirt, put on our shirt, put on our shirt
This is the way we put on our shirt, so early in the morning!
(Act out each movement…..continue adding items of clothing depending on the
weather or season you want to discuss.  (Socks, shoes, snow pants, boots, raincoat, etc.)

Getting Dressed 

Original Author Unknown

Sung to: “The Farmer in the Dell”

I’m getting dressed myself,
I’m getting dressed myself.
Hi-ho, I’m growing-o,
I’m getting dressed myself.

I’m putting undies on,
I’m putting undies on.
Hi-ho, I’m growing-o,
I’m putting undies on.

Additional second verses:
I’m putting on my shirt.
I’m putting on my pants.
I’m putting on my socks.
I’m putting on my shoes.

Now look what I have done,
Now look what I have done.
Hi-ho, I’m growing-o,
Now look what I have done.

Old Shoes, New Shoes 

Original Author: Unknown

Old shoes, new shoes,
(child’s name) is wearing (child describes their shoe. ex. buckle, blue, tennis) shoes.
One, two, three, four.
Now, I stomp them on the floor.

Continue until all have turn.
Alternative:  Sing “some of us are wearing buckle shoes (or Velcro, or blue, etc).” and only those children stomp their feet.  Can the class hear which type of shoe most of the class are wearing?

Let’s Put On Our Socks 

Original Author: Unknown

Sung to: “Hickory, Dickory, Dock”

Hickory, dickory, dock.
Let’s put on our socks.
We’ll walk around,
Without a sound,
When we put on our socks.

Repeat: slide, tiptoe etc.

Boot Prints 

Original Author Unknown

Up and down the yard we go
Making boot prints in the snow
Big steps, little steps
Around and around
Oh what fun with snow on the ground!
Black boots, white boots
Red boots bright
Isn’t it strange our boot prints are white?

Boot Prints 

Submitted by: Beverly A. Meyer

Sung to: “This Old Man”

Here’s one foot, here are two
Both are wearing (brand new) shoes
So you stand up, turn around,
Dance across the floor,
That’s what these new shoes are for!

Fill in “brand new” to describe the shoes on the feet that you are singing about. Personalize it by singing this for the second line:
Valerie is wearing Pink Barbie Velcro Shoes

Make it a guessing game or transition game by singing this for the second line:
Who is wearing white socks with no shoes. Describe whatever is being worn.
Try it with everyone in the group

Mitten Music 

Original Author: Unknown

Sung to: “Where has my little dog gone 

Oh where, oh where did my NEW mittens go?
Oh where, oh where can they be?
Oh, I have looked high and I have looked low.
Oh where, oh where can they be?

Sing and replace “NEW”  with old, soft, warm, red, blue, etc.

Mitten Mates 

Original Author: Unknown

Sung to: “If You’re Happy And You Know It”

Each mitten has a mate, has a mate.
Each mitten has a mate, has a mate.
Can (child’s name) find the pair?
(He/She) is looking here and there.
Can (child’s name) find the mate.
Find the mate?

Jumping Shoes Song  

Original Author: Unknown

Sung To: “Mary Had A Little Lamb”

(Child’s name) has their jumping shoes,
jumping shoes, jumping shoes,
(child’s name) has their jumping shoes,
all day long! 

Note: Good to do when kids are fidgety.

Ten Warm Mittens 

Original Author: Unknown

Ten warm mittens, hanging on the line,
One blows away and then there are nine.
Nine warm mittens, one without a mate,
A squirrel carries one away and that leaves eight.
Eight warm mittens, just eight not eleven,
One gets buried in the snow and that leaves seven.
Seven warm mittens, which one do you pick?
I’ll pick the red one and that leaves six.
Six warm mittens, put one on to try.
Then you take it from the line and that leaves five.
Five warm mittens, we had ten before!
A fluffy bunny needs one and that leaves four!
Four warm mittens, two for you and two for me,
I lost one on the ski slope and that leaves three.
Three warm mittens, looking very new,
One falls into the mud and that leaves two.
Two warm mittens, drying in the sun,
A bird comes down and snatches it and that leaves one.
One warm mitten, what good is one?
A little mouse can have a bed, and that leaves none!

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