4 Snack Time Songs for Preschoolers

Snack time is a highlight in a preschooler’s day, and with our set of 4 Snack Time Songs for Preschoolers, it becomes an even more engaging and educational experience. These carefully chosen songs blend fun melodies with informative lyrics about healthy eating habits, perfectly tailored for young learners. The catchy tunes and straightforward language make these snack-themed songs ideal for sing-alongs during snack breaks or as part of daily classroom routines. They promote active participation and are a fantastic resource for developing language skills and social interaction. Embark on a musical journey during snack time with these captivating songs, sure to be a hit with your preschoolers.

Time For Snack 

Original Author: Unknown

Sung to: “I’m a little teapot”

It is time for us to have our snack,
Please sit down,
Hands on your lap,
Wait till everyone is served their food,
Then eat your snack, yum, yum,
It’s good.

Who Brought Our Snack 

Original Author: Unknown

Sung to: “The Muffin Man”

Do you know who brought our snack
who brought our snack
who brought our snack?

Do you know who brought our snack
who brought our snack to-day?

Snack Song 

Submitted by: Anonymous

We all like to sing and play
And have fun every day
Juice and _____ (fill in snack) for our treat,
Now it’s time for us to eat.

Snack Poem 

Original Author: Unknown
I have two little eyes that like to look around
Two little ears to hear each sound
One little nose to smell what’s sweet
And one little mouth that likes to eat!
(motion to parts of body as they are said)

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