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Jelly Bean Countdown 
Added: 03-09-1998 
Original Author: Unknown

(Use real jelly beans or flannelboard ones, 5 colors)

5 little jelly beans
I wish I had more!
I’ll eat the (color) one
Now there are four!

4 little jelly beans
Tasty as can be
I’ll eat the (color) one
Now there are 3!

3 little jelly beans
Only a few.
I’ll eat the (color) one
Now there are 2.

2 little jelly beans
Eating them is fun
I’ll eat the (color) one
Now there is one.

1 little jelly bean
The last one for me
I’ll eat the (color) one
I’m as happy as can be!

Jumping Jelly Beans
Added: 03-23-1998 
Original Author: Unknown

Here is an assortment of ideas for teaching colors in a most delicious way–with jelly beans. Jelly beans come in a variety of colors and are wonderful for introducing
children to jellybeans.  Have each child take a jelly bean. Have each child to hold up his jelly bean when you name its color.  Once each child is sure of his bean’s color, have him eat it!  then sing this silly son.  As each different color word is substituted, encourage the children who ate a bean of that color to stand up and rub their tummies.

Jelly Beans In My Tummy!
Sung to: “Skip To My Lou”

(Red) jelly beans — yum, yum.
(Red) jelly beans — yum, yum.
(Red) jelly beans — yum, yum.
Jelly beans in my tummy!

(next color)

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