Gummy Bear Song (Free Printable Cut Outs)

The Gummy Bear song is a fun activity that will quickly become a favorite amongst your kids. This activity seamlessly blends fun with learning, introducing young learners to basic counting and social skills through the use of charming bear cutouts and a catchy tune.  

The song is about counting gummy bears, and as their names are sung in the song, children give a penny in exchange for the bear. The activity can be adapted by changing the number of bears in the song and using different items such as nickels, dimes, or quarters. Whether they are holding colorful gummy bear cut-outs, exchanging pennies, singing along, or simply moving to the rhythm of the song, every child is actively involved and learning in a fun and interactive environment.

All you have to do is print the gummy bear characters (free printable link below) and cut them out. Select five children to come to the front of the room and hold the bears. Select another five children and give them pennies or similar small items. Have the rest of the children hold five fingers up as they sing along to the songs in the tune of “Five Little Ducks”.

Materials Needed:

  • Gummy bear cut-outs (free printable available for download below)
  • Pennies or similar small items


  1. Prepare the Gummy Bears: Download and use the provided pattern to make gummy bear cut-outs.
  2. Select Participants: Choose five children to hold the gummy bear cut-outs and another five children to participate in the exchange.
  3. Distribute Pennies: Give a penny or a similar item to each of the five children not holding the gummy bears.
  4. Play the Song: As the Gummy Bear Song plays, when a child’s name is sung, they ‘buy’ a gummy bear by giving their penny to one of the children holding a bear cut-out.
  5. Interaction: Encourage the children to participate in the song and enjoy the process of exchanging pennies for gummy bears. The children who are not directly holding the gummy bear cut-outs or exchanging pennies can hold 5 fingers up while you sing the song. To keep them actively engaged, encourage dancing or moving to the rhythm of the song

The Gummy Bear Song Lyrics

Author: Dr. Jean

Sung to “Five Little Ducks”

Down at the candy shop what did I see?

Five little gummy bears smiling at me.

Along came (child’s name) with a penny one day.

He/she bought the green one and took it away.

Down at the candy shop what did I see?

Four little gummy bears smiling at me.

Along came (child’s name) with a penny one day.

He/she bought the purple one and took it away.

Continue singing as children buy the other colors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of the Gummy Bear song activity?

The Gummy Bear song teaches basic counting, taking turns, following directions, and social interactions. Children learn numbers and counting as you sing about the different colored gummy bears. It also promotes social skills as children interact to exchange pennies for gummy bears.

What materials do I need?

You need the free printable gummy bear cutouts, pennies or other small items like buttons or beads, and the song lyrics (provided above). The number of cutouts should match the number of children exchanging items.

How do I prepare the activity?

Print and cut out the gummy bear cutouts. Select 5 children to hold a gummy bear and 5 other children to give them the pennies or other exchange items. Give the exchanging children their items. Have the rest of the children hold up 5 fingers as they sing along.

Can I adapt this for different ages or group sizes?

Yes! You can increase or decrease the number of gummy bears and exchanging children. For younger kids, stick to counting up to 5 or 10. For older groups, you can go up to 20 or more bears. You can also exchange different items – try dimes, beads, buttons, etc.

Where can I find more activities like the Gummy Bear song?

Check out the variety of songs and activities on our songs page for more ideas to teach counting, movement, and social skills.

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