Science & Sensory: Food

Soda Surprise

Plop, plop, fizz, fizz.  What a thrill this soda is!  Pour clear carbonated drink (such as Sprite or 7-up) into as many ice-cube tray sections as you have children in your class.  Ask each child to choose a color of jelly bean, name its color, and drop it into a section.  Freeze the cubes.  (The jelly beans’ color will tint the liquid to create colored cubes.  Jelly Belly jelly beans will not work for this activity.)  During snack time, put a cube into a clear plastic cup for each child.  Have each child find a cube that corresponds to the color of bean he selected; then assist him in filling his cup with the same type of clear soda used to make the cubes.  As they watch the ice melt, they will be surprised to see the clear soda blush with color.  Using a spoon,
remove the colorless bean from each drink.  Wow!  Drinks that taste like jelly beans! More…

Ice Cream Melt

Go out on the sidewalk (on a hot sunny day) bring a plastic bowl, metal pie tin and a glass dish. Put one spoonful of ice-cream on each and on directly on the sidewalk (or black top). What will melt first, second, third. . . why do you think we got the results that we did? If the ice-cream is different colors will it make a difference? More…

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