Science & Sensory: Bugs

Homemade Ant Farm 
Added: 07-31-1998 
Original Author: Unknown

Use a clear plastic shoe box. Heat a nail and press it against the box lid to make air house. Make several holes. Find an area that has lots of ants and scoop them up along with dirt or sand. Transfer them to box. Stuff cotton into the air holes and securely tape on the lid. Then cover the box with a dark cloth. Once a week, use an eyedropper to place a small about of jelly or honey mixed with water through one of the air holes . Remember to replace the cloth whenever you are not observing the ants.

Ants Picnic 
Added: 09-09-1998 
Original Author: Unknown

Cut about 4 shapes of picnic foods 1-4″ in size from construction paper. I use a chicken leg, cookie, strawberry, and a watermelon slice. Using plastic ants, see how many ants it takes to cover each food and record answer.

Bee Science Fun 
Added: 09-09-1998 
Original Author: Unknown

Roll a cotton ball (pretend it’s a bee) on a flower (a daisy works really well) see the pollen that collects. Bees collect pollen when they land on a flower and carry it back to their hive in their pollen baskets. Pollen is mixed with honey and fed to the baby bees (it’s called bee bread).

Observing Bugs 
Added: 03-05-1999 
Original Author Unknown

If you plan to observe bugs over a period of time, please make sure to feed them properly. Do not keep them caged any longer then you have need to.

Here’s a few feeding tips:
~Ants – drops of honey or bits of raw meat, apples and bananas.
~Grasshoppers – fruit and vegetables
~Praying Mantis – fruit flies
~Lady Bugs and Beetles – fruit and boiled potato
~Crickets – raw vegetables, fruit, dog biscuits and crackers
~Bees and Butterflies – should be set free to find flower nectar.

All insects need water. Place a few drops of water on a leaf, inside the cage, daily.

Added: 05-24-1999 
Original Author: Unknown

Snapple bottle caps make neat cricket sounds. The snapple cap is vacuum sealed. When you remove the cap the center pops up but you can press it down and let it go to make the cricket sound.

Fuzzy Caterpillar  
Added: 05-24-1999 
Original Author: Unknown

1  old tennis ball, 1  tube sock, string, soil, grass or bird seed, Styrofoam meat tray
Fill length of sock with soil and seed. Place tennis ball into toe of sock and tie with string. Tie it into segments and leave it on a ledge in the sun. Place on meat tray and water your caterpillar daily. Watch your caterpillar become hairy, you may even need to give it a haircut.

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