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Winnie the Pooh Game
Original Author Unknown

This is a take off of the fruit basket game. I give each child a picture of a winnie the pooh character i.e. Tigger, eeyore, piglet, winnie the pooh and rabbit everyone has a chair to sit on except for one child who goes into the middle of the circle. She calls out a characters name like Winnie the pooh. So all the kids with winnie the pooh get up and change places while the caller sits on someone’s chair. Then the child who doesn’t have a chair to sit on goes into the middle and calls out a different character. Its kind of like musical chairs.

Pooh Bear’s Stoutness Exercises
Original Author Unknown

Pooh Bear, Pooh Bear turn around.
” ” touch the ground.
” ” reach up high.
” ” touch the sky.
” ” bend down low.
” ” touch your toe.

Bounce, bounce, Bounce Bounce
Original Author Unknown

The Tigger Bounce: the children bounce a stuffed toy Tigger (or Pooh) in the middle of a blanket or parachute.
Sung to: “Did You Ever See a Lassie?”

Did you ever see a Tigger, a Tigger, a Tigger?
Did you ever see a Tigger go this way and that?
Go this way and that way, go this way and that way,
Did you ever see a Tigger go this way and that?

Pooh says
Original Author Unknown

Play Pooh Bear Says (like Simon says) Wiggle your nose, touch your ears, clap your paws…etc.

Pin the bee on pooh’s nose
Original Author Unknown

Make a copy of a Pooh bear face from a coloring book. Then make a small be and play the game, just like you do pin the tail on the donkey.

Peter Pan
Original Author Unknown

Play follow the leader…sing the follow the leader song from peter pan.

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